This Celeb-Loved Pacifier Is Self-Sterilizing & We're Obsessed With the Matte Finish

While we love how soothing pacifiers can be for babies, we [rightfully] hate how gross they can be. Think of all the germs! And the drool! And the dust! Yes, the dust. The dust you tried to brush off when the pacifier fell on the floor, but it’s still there, clinging to the aforementioned drool.

And while we’re on our soapbox, we have to mention that pacifiers usually just aren’t cute. And we know there are more important things than aesthetics, but sometimes you just need pretty things amidst the craziness of parenthood. Because there’s only so much brightly colored plastic one person can take! *Shields eyes*

Which is why we love the MAM Baby Original Matte Pacifier. It comes with a self-sterilizing storage case and a matte finish. All you have to do is put the pacifiers in the case with some water and pop it in the microwave for three minutes. And voila!

Oh, and did you hear the part about it being matte? Thank you for the Pinterest-worthy style, MAM! We have major heart eyes for this product, and we’re not the only ones.

Celebrities like Kylie Jenner are also grabbing it for their kids. In April, the media personality posted a picture of her 1-year-old son Aire using his MAM Baby pacifier, and it’s all so stinkin’ cute. Both the baby and the paci. And honestly, now we’re feeling just like Kourtney Kardashian did in the comments: “🫶🏼.”

MAM Baby

Thousands of Amazon reviewers also love this ventilated, comfortable, and symmetrically-shaped (meaning there’s no “right side up”) binky.

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“My son loves all Mam products but I love the matte color/finish on this set! Also great deal price-wise.”

“I love the matte feel and design…especially in the pink!”

“We absolutely love these pacifiers! Our baby won’t take any other kind and she’s used all the different age-ranges of the Mam pacifiers as she’s gotten older!”

“My breastfed baby absolutely loves this pacifier!”

“Only pacifier my baby likes.”

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