This Ancient Letter From a Student to His Mom Proves Teenagers Literally Never Change

An ancient letter from Babylon circa 1792-1750 — around the time of Hammurabi’s reign (remember that guy from history class?!) — is making the rounds on TikTok. And it’s making the internet realize that teenagers were the same in Mesopotamia as they are in modern times.

The letter, written (or perhaps dictated by) the student Iddin-Sin to his mother Zinu, was a classic teenage rant about how he didn’t like his clothes.

“From year to year, the clothes of the young gentlemen here become better, but you let my clothes get worse from year to year,” he said to his mom. And yes, our jaws are on the floor.

“Bro literally has no drip 😂,” the person who posted a portion of this letter on TikTok said.

“Indeed, you persisted in making my clothes poorer and more scanty,” the teenage brat from Babylon continued. “At a time when in our house wool is used up like bread, you have made me poor clothes.”

And that’s not the end of it! “The son of Adad-iddinam, whose father is only an assistant of my father, has two new sets of clothes, while you fuss even about a single set of clothes for me,” he continued in the letter (which is now housed in the Louvre). “In spite of the fact that you bore me and his mother only adopted him, his mother loves him, while you, you do not love me!”

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Oh. No. He. Didn’t.

What we wouldn’t give to travel back in time and watch Iddin-Sin’s mom [hopefully] rip him a new one. And then ground him. And then send him back to school in the same “scanty” clothes. And then show the letter to Hammurabi so the ruler could add a 283rd law to his code (remember that from history class?!). Something along the lines of, “If a teen is an ungrateful smarta**, their clay tablets will be taken away for a month and they won’t be allowed to hang out with the son of Adad-iddinam.”

Commenters weren’t surprised to see that “the more things change, the more they stay the same.”

“Kids being kids ‘im the only kid in school who dont got new clothes’ 😭🚩🚩😂.” “Teenagers gonna teenage. 😏” “Teens still complaining about their ‘fit level to this day.”

Because yes, more than 200 years later — whether their parents are spending three months making the clothes or spending their hard-earned money buying them — teens are still going to complain about their outfits and how they compare to what the son of Adad-iddinam (or, you know, Aiden) is wearing.

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