This Adorable Throwback Photo of Bindi Irwin Shows Just How Alike She and Daughter Grace Really Are

While browsing Bindi Irwin’s Instagram feed — as one does — the Australian conservationist and TV personality’s latest photo made me do a double take. At first glance, it looked like Irwin and husband Chandler Powell’s 10-month-old daughter, Grace Warrior, had suddenly aged a few years. It turns out, it was actually a throwback photo of Irwin herself as a toddler — and she looks just like Grace’s twin!

Posted to Instagram on Wednesday, this photo shows a young Irwin in an all-green outfit casually leaning against the back of a huge turtle named Harriet. Irwin captioned the post: “#Flashback // Darling Harriet was like everyone’s grandmother. She lived to be 175 years old and loved a hibiscus flower or twenty! I miss this sweet lady.”

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This picture is so sweet! It really shows the love of animals Irwin had at a young age, no doubt influenced by her famous “Crocodile Hunter” dad, Steve Irwin. Her daughter, Grace, also loves animals already. In an interview last month, Irwin said Grace’s best friend is “an Aldabra tortoise.”

“His name is Igloo and, no joke, he comes up to here on me, like up to my waist,” Irwin told Entertainment Tonight. “He’s massive and the cutest. When he sees Grace, he runs across his paddock, which is huge. If you’re a tortoise, you can’t really run very fast, but he does his best, runs across the paddock to see her and just sits. She tries to pat him, and she just ends up kind of like hitting him on the head.” She added, “They love each other! It’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen. I love that my daughter’s best friend is a tortoise.”

Irwin and Powell often post pictures of Grace at the Australia Zoo or interacting with wildlife, including these adorable shots of her playing with bubbles outside. It’s so cool to see just how alike Irwin and Grace really are!

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