This $25 Best-Selling 'It's a Small World' Game Will Bring the Magic of the Disney Ride Home

If “It’s a Small World” holds a place near and dear to your little Disney-loving heart, your day is about to be made. Funko, the maker of those oddly precious little bobbleheads, has a magical board game themed around the childhood Disney ride. Whether you’re still holding off on going to Disneyland or Disneyworld or simply want to be able to unbox your favorite old-school Disney ride anytime, this game is an absolute must for families and Mouseketeers of all ages.

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This 2-6 player game is best for kids ages 4+ and will make you feel like you’re cruising through the beloved attraction for the first time again. As you set sail along the waterway, you’ll collect cards as you spot the matching image on the board. Whoever collects the most cards before sunset wins (the game includes a mini version of the iconic clock)!

The game typically lasts just 20 minutes, so it’s great for little kids with shorter attention spans. It’s a fun and engaging introduction to animals and people of the world—there is so much for your little one to explore out there. And it will make their first time riding “It’s a Small World” even more special.


It’s only $25, so what are you waiting for? That’s a small price to pay to bring the Happiest Place on Earth right into your living room!

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