These Rare Throwback Videos Prove That Superstar David Bowie Was a Regular Dad at Home

David Bowie may have performed on the world’s largest stages, but at home, he just danced on the living room floor with his daughter. The iconic English singer-songwriter’s daughter Lexi Jones, 22 shared a special home movie on her Instagram on Tuesday of her dancing to “Sing a Song of Six Pence” with her late father at home while her mom Iman films it. And when we say “dancing with” we mean she bounced around on her dad’s feet while he did his best to lead his energetic daughter around the room.

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“My forever sunshine ❤️,” she captioned the video.

Little Lexi then did a dance solo before her dad — who passed away from liver cancer at age 69 in 2016 — pretended to steal her nose. Lexi was clearly wiser than she may have looked, immediately touching her nose and pointedly telling him that it was right there.

It’s such a simple and touching video, and though Bowie is often remembered for his dramatic makeup looks, he is notably dressed down in white sneakers, jeans, and a lime green sweatshirt. He lightly sings along to the nursery rhyme before breaking into his own solo dance that has Lexi giggling and shooing him toward her mom so he repeats the apparently silly moves.

“RIP,” a follower commented. “Thank you for sharing this with us, we miss him so much ❤️”

  • Seven Years

    Image Credit: Dave Benett/Getty Images

    On the seventh anniversary of the “Under Pressure” singer’s passing, Lexi shared a video of the two of them sitting side by side at a keyboard, playing a tune with each of their pointer fingers.

    “7 years ago today. I miss you ❤️,” she wrote.

    “We all miss him, in a different way than you, but we all do,” a fan wrote. “That is really beautiful…Aren’t we lucky that he landed planet Earth and stuck around with us for a while?”


  • Ready For His Close-Up

    Image Credit: Christina Radish/Redferns

    In another post, Lexi shared some classic camcorder shenans. As any kid will tell you, the first thing you have to do when you start taking a video is zoom all the way in. Like all the way in. The video is interspersed with close-ups of Bowie’s mouth and nose (all up in his nostrils!) and sweet family photos.

    “Another rough draft but this is fo you dad <3,” she captioned the post.

  • Picture Perfect

    Image Credit: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

    Even rockstars have to endure the pain that is a little kid’s birthday party. In a photo captioned “Rad dad,” a fedora-clad Bowie sits at a table outfitted with balloons, paper plates, and a “Happy Birthday Lexi” sign. he holds one balloon while he deadpans at the camera.

    “The Raddest 🔥🔥,” someone agreed, and we feel the same way.

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