These Lightweight Kitchen Boosters Are Easy to Take With You Anywhere

One of the places you’ll spend the most time as a family is in the kitchen. If you have a newborn or toddler, that requires bringing them up to your height so you can all sit around the dining table together to enjoy meals. That means you’ll need to get them a comfy kitchen booster that they’ll want to sit in and one that you won’t mind looking at every time you sit down to eat. So, if design is a top priority for you, listen up.

There are more options than ever when it comes to picking out the best kitchen booster seats for your child. Your top priority should be safety since the raised height may cause a curious child to want to see what’s below and crawl out of the chair. Things like a non-slip bottom will help keep them in place. Comfort, portability, and style are other things to consider too. Below, we’ve rounded up the best kitchen boosters that are just as comfortable as they are portable so you can take them on the go.

1. Travel Booster

Older kids don’t need quite as much security as babies do when it comes to kitchen boosters, so this strapped cushion will offer plenty of support and freedom at the same time. This lightweight cushion attaches easily to a regular dining chair with just two straps, so it’s helpful to take when you’re eating out. Made with high-density sponge, this pad will provide a comfortable seat for your little one so they can enjoy their meal. The cover is also removable, so you can efficiently spot clean when food lands on the cushion — and not in their mouth.

2. Summer Infant Booster

If you’re looking for a colorful kitchen booster for your little one, this pastel pink option will brighten up your little one’s day, so they’ll feel more inclined to cooperate when eating. Since there’s a good chance you’ll need to carry a booster with you when you’re going to a restaurant or while you’re traveling, this option folds for added convenience. To make cleanup stress-free, the cover is machine washable so you can easily maintain it. With two height levels, you can adjust it to the appropriate setting for your child as they grow.

3. Prince Lionheart Booster

As a parent, you might be worried about a restless child moving too much while they’re in a booster seat, but this Prince Lionheart kitchen booster ensures they are safe and secure. The non-slip bases makes sure they can’t move around, so you can have peace of mind that they won’t fall. It’s also waterproof, so cleaning up liquids will be easy, and the soft foam seat material will feel comfortable. This seat raises your child up three inches.

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