These Dinosaur Popsicle Molds Are Going Viral & Are Sure To Make You the *Ahem* Cool Parent

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Listen up, people! We cannot be out here sleeping on homemade popsicles anymore. A recent video posted on TikTok and Instagram reminded us of this truth by showcasing a parenting hack that commenters are calling “genius.” And rightfully so! Kate Bast, who is known for her creative parenting ideas, showed followers how they can use up their kids’ unfinished fruit and vegetable pouches. Just squeeze them into a popsicle mold, and voila! You’ve cut down on waste while making a healthy and irresistible snack. Because who can say no to a popsicle?

Bonus points if you use the same dinosaur molds because, yeah, anything dino-shaped is instantly cooler. We don’t make the rules.

These popsicles also work as a teether (the cold is so soothing!) and don’t have to be limited to pouches. You can fill the molds with breast milk, chocolate milk, juice, or yogurt. Whatever your little one is into these days!

“Such a good idea!!” one follower said.

“I’m on my 3rd kid dude. where were you 8 years ago?!?” another wrote.

Image: Tovolo

These dino molds come in a pack of four and are stackable, meaning you can save freezer space. Our favorite feature, though, is the fact that one side is made with flexible, BPA-free silicone. Once you pop the plastic top off, sliding the silicone off the frozen dinosaur is a breeze.

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