These 'Coconut Girl' Baby Names Give a Sun-Kissed, Beachy Vibe Year-Round

The “coconut girl” aesthetic may be the hot trend of the summer, but beachy baby girl names are always in style — and these coconut-girl-inspired baby names conjure a feeling of the sun on your skin, warm waves at your feet, and salt in your hair. Even if endless days of surf and sand aren’t a reality in your corner of the world, you can still capture the vibe with a baby girl name that flawlessly embodies that beach life.

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♬ summer vibe – ♡

If you think about the coconut girl aesthetic in terms of fashion, it’s bright, breezy, and chill; it’s a mix of bold floral prints (think a Lilly Pulitzer dress!), crocheted tops, and accessories rarely seen since the late ’90s and early ’00s — like puka shell necklaces, woven friendship bracelets, and bucket hats. And if you could bottle up all this carefree, optimistic, playful energy and put it into a name, it would be these: beachy baby girl names that perfectly capture that “coconut girl” spirit.

So put on your snorkel and let’s do a deep dive into some of our favorite names — so sunny and bright that you’re gonna need some extra SPF.

  • Kailani

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    You simply can’t get beachier than Kailani, which is a combination of the Hawaiian elements “kai” (meaning ocean or sea) and “lani” (meaning sky). And this melodious name is really catching on; in 2016, Kailani sat at #965 out of the top 1000 most popular baby names in the U.S. Now, it has skyrocketed to #223 — and a spelling variant, Kehlani, is even more popular at #152.

  • Isla

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    In Spanish, the word isla means “island,” which is perfect for the coconut girl vibe. But the Spanish word is pronounced EES-la, whereas this name — Isla — is pronounced EYE-la. And as a name, Isla’s meaning is a little bit different; it’s actually derived from the Scottish name Islay, which is an island off its west coast. Still, whether it’s Scotland or the tropics, an island is an island!

  • Aelia

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    Pronounced EE-lia, this rare gem of a girl name has a history dating all the way back to ancient Rome! It’s from a Roman family name that likely came from the Greek word for sun, helios. And nothing says “beachy” like the sun!

  • Roxy

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    Like Band-Aids and Kleenex and Google, some brands just become household names after a while — and Roxy is a baby name that is forever synonymous with a surf and lifestyle brand that’s been around since 1991. The name itself is actually a version of an Old Persian name which means “bright” or “dawn” … but its spunky vibe and association with the surf and beach apparel brand makes it the perfect “coconut girl” name.

  • Kaya

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    While the sound of this name definitely fits in with the beachy aesthetic we’re going for, its meaning isn’t necessarily summery; it’s an alternate spelling of Kaia, the Norwegian diminutive of Katrina, which means “pure.” But hey, lying on the beach is pure bliss, so there you go!

  • Summer

    When it comes to names that embody — well, summer, this one’s a bit of a no-brainer! Its inherent warmth and relaxed feel could make even a winter-born baby seem ready for a beach towel and a tropical drink.

  • Cali

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    You could say that the name Cali is an alternate spelling of Callie, which comes from Caroline; which comes from Carolus, the Latin version of Charles; which means “man”. But when it comes to beachy baby girl names, we say that the name Cali is simply an homage to California, which epitomizes that laid-back surfer vibe!

  • Marin

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    This lovely name, stemming from the Latin word marinus meaning “from the sea,” is an updated take on the more dated Marina (although that’s a perfectly fine name too!). Adding to its beachy meaning is the association with Marin County, an area along the coast of Northern California.

  • Coco

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    In Spanish, it means “coconut” — so Coco is quite literally a coconut girl name! It’s simple yet spunky, just like the aesthetic itself. But thanks to Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, founder of the iconic Chanel luxury fashion house, it also has a glam association too.

  • Dylan

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    Though the name Dylan traditionally skews male, it’s one of those names that’s just so wearable on any gender. When it’s used for a girl, it gives a chill, go-with-the-flow, up-for-anything vibe. Plus, in Celtic legend, Dylan was a god of the sea; its Welsh roots come from the word for “tide” and some sources say it means “son of the sea” — so its meaning is perfect, too!

  • Lani

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    Often seen as part of longer names like Kailani and Noelani, Lani (pronounced LAH-nee) is of Hawaiian origin and means “sky” or “heaven”. And though the longer names are gorgeous, we think Lani is perfect all on its own!

  • Brisa

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    The name Breeze is beachy perfection, but if that’s a little too hippie-esque for your taste, we’ve got a very cute alternative: Brisa! It’s literally the Spanish word for Breeze, and a fresh take on popular names like Bree.

  • Sunny

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    Just like Breeze (or Brisa!), Sunny is a beachy baby girl name that epitomizes the key ingredient of a perfect day by the shore. It’s got a warm, friendly, and outgoing vibe.

  • Noa

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    The name Noa is most familiar for its Hebrew roots, where it means “motion”; in the Bible’s Old Testament, Noa is one of the five daughter of Zelophehad. And of course, there’s Noah-with-an-h. But without the h-ending, Noa has an almost Hawaiian feel — probably thanks to its sound, which is common in Hawaiian names like Kainoa and Nakoa. And in Japanese, when written using certain kanji, Noa can mean “love”.

  • Destin

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    As a name, Destin likely stems from the French destin, meaning “fate”. But where its beachiness factor is concerned, we’re looking at a much different geological location — Florida! Destin, Florida is a popular destin-ation (see what we did there?) known for its gorgeous beaches that fringe the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Rio

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    Okay, so Rio doesn’t actually refer to an ocean; the word rio actually means “river” in Spanish. But you’ve got to admit that its spunky, spirited, vibe fits in perfectly with the effortlessly-cool essence of beachy baby names.

  • Marisol

    Image Credit: Marisol

    Get ready for the absolute beachiest of beachy baby girl names, because Marisol means … sea and sun. Perfect, right?! It comes from the Spanish words mar y sol, and we can’t think of anything better than that combo. Plus, Mari is a cute nickname!

  • Hana

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    In Japanese, this beautiful name means “flower” — but add an O to the first part of it, and you’ve got ohana, which is the Hawaiian term for family.

  • Naia

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    Of Basque origin, the name Naia means “wave” or “sea foam” — and it’s a great alternative to the super-popular Maia (or Maya), which is rising up the ranks of the top 1000 most popular baby names and is almost in the top 50.

  • Skye

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    You could go with regular old Sky for this homage to the heavens, or you could add the “e” at the end as we’ve done here, which makes it seem less like a word and more like a name. Either way, nature names are hot right now — and while this one fits year-round, it seems particularly summery.

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