These 'Coastal Cowgirl' Baby Names Are a Little Bit Yee-Haw, a Little Bit Yacht Club

Move over, coastal grandmother baby names — there’s a new viral aesthetic trend, and this (virtual) town ain’t big enough for the both of ’em. We’re talking about coastal cowgirl baby names: the same beachy-with-a-touch-of-preppy aesthetic as coastal grandmother, but with a rugged, fun-loving twist.

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Baby Names That Give Off a 'Coastal Grandmother' Vibe

When you think of the coastal cowgirl aesthetic overall, it helps to get a visual via fashion. Think lightweight cowboy hats in woven straw instead of sturdy leather Stetsons. Think a ruffled dress, but made of denim (or a breezy linen dress and cowboy boots). Think homespun crochet maxi skirts and tank tops.

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Once again — as viral aesthetics tend to do, whether it’s coastal grandmother, dark academia, or neo-cowboy — coastal cowgirl has crossed into other areas as well, such as home decor. And, of course, baby names!

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Coastal cowgirl baby names have a breezy, preppy vibe, but with a bit of a sassy side; polished, yet still a smidge rough around the edges. Equal parts refined and playful, elite yet accessible, these coastal cowgirl baby names can fit in as easily at the yacht club as they can galloping, bareback and full-speed, through the sand and ocean spray. There’s an unmistakably cool element to any bearer of these names — you want to get to know her, but also, you don’t wanna get on her bad side.

If you’re looking to encompass this viral vibe with your future feisty feminista, look no further than this perfectly-curated list of coastal cowgirl baby names we love.



  • Harper

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    This surname-turned-first name (meaning — you guessed it — one who plays a harp, derived from the Old English word hearpe) is the perfect balance of delicate and strong, making it a solid choice for a coastal cowgirl.

  • Tallulah

    You can’t get beachier than Tallulah! Said to mean “leaping waters” in the Choctaw language, and the name of the gorgeous Tallulah Falls in Georgia, it also shares its name with actress Tallulah Bankhead who was famous for her “spicy” personality.

  • Rory

    Derived from the Old Irish Ruaidrí, meaning “red king,” Rory is a high-energy unisex name that has become popular for both boys and girls. But thanks to its pop culture associations with The Gilmore Girls, it has an upper-crust vibe as well, making it the perfect “coastal cowgirl” choice.

  • Saige

    You could spell it without the i — Sage — and it would mean the same thing: wise. But when it comes to coastal cowgirl baby names, we love how the “i” in the middle offers it just a little bit of a preppy flair (reminiscent of Paige). And what could be more emblematic of all things Western than sagebrush?

  • Quinn

    Possibly derived from the Old Irish conn, meaning “sense” or “reason,” Quinn has emerged as one of the most wearable names out there — fitting any gender. It can be perky and preppy — such as the cheerleading sister in the ’90s animated MTV series Daria — or headstrong and refined, such as the main character in the Western series Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

  • Annie

    A diminutive of Anne, which means “favor” or “grace,” Annie has a bit more of a high-spirited feel. And you can’t think of the Wild West — or cowgirls — without thinking of the infamous markswoman Annie Oakley!

  • Destry

    A unique name that you don’t hear often, Destry is the English form of the French surname Destrier, meaning “warhorse.” It’s been used as a cowboy name since way back, first popularized by the Western novel Destry Rides Again in 1930, and bolstered by the novel’s two subsequent film adaptations. But its “-ry” ending gives it an upscale, popular-girl vibe, reminiscent of Avery or Emery.

  • Mae

    It might consist of only three letters, but Mae packs a big punch. Likely derived from the Roman maior, meaning “greater,” it’s a classic and elegant girl’s name — but with a spunky and spirited edge, probably thanks to associations with famous Maes such as the breezy and outspoken actress Mae West. 

  • Briar

    You can hardly strike a more perfect balance between edgy and soft than Briar. It’s the name of a princess (none other than Sleeping Beauty herself, who is known as both Briar Rose and Aurora) — but it’s also the name of a thorned plant. Consider it up next to the name Blair; just one letter separates the two names, but where Blair feels 100% preppy, Briar has a bit more bite.

  • Jolene

    Made famous by everyone’s favorite country crooner Dolly Parton in her 1973 hit song “Jolene,” this name is a compound name — so it doesn’t really have a meaning. It does, however, capture the perfect coastal cowgirl vibe.

  • Billie

    Billie is another great coastal cowgirl example: one part glam, thanks to vintage jazz icon Billie Holiday; one part edgy, thanks to modern singer-songwriter Billie Eilish; and one part rebellious (Billy the Kid, anyone?). 

  • Cassidy

    Even putting the outlaw-ish Butch Cassidy references aside, this name is still a strong choice for a coastal cowgirl. The front is soft and dreamy, like Cassandra, but then the “-idy” ending takes it in a spunkier direction. Cassidy is derived from the Irish byname Caiside, meaning “curly-haired.” 

  • Austin

    Your immediate thought may be that Austin is a city in Texas, but the name’s roots actually go back to the Latin name Augustine, meaning “exalted” or “venerable.” Aside from the Texas connotations, it makes the coastal cowgirl list because it’s one of those names that has that preppy unisex vibe — think Parker or Hunter. Want a bit more of a girly twist? Spell it Austyn.

  • Oakley

    We’ve got Annie on the list, so why not Oakley? This surname-turned-first-name means “from the oak meadow.” It has that cowgirl vibe, while the “-ley” ending gives it a preppy and collegiate feel. 

  • Dolly

    The name Dolly is, of course, as country as it gets — because it’s irrevocably associated with the legendary Dolly Parton. But did you know that its roots come from a very different name? It’s from the Late Greek name Δωρόθεος, which translates into modern-day Dorothy, meaning “gift of God.”

  • Pepper

    The name Piper is cute, but for the coastal cowgirl aesthetic, we need something with a little more sass. And what could be spicier than Pepper? If you want a more formal-sounding name, Pepper could be a good nickname for either Penelope or Phillipa.

  • Sadie

    A fun history of the name Sadie: its wholesome, country-girl feel can be directly attributed to a 1930s comic strip called “Li’l Abner,” which was set in the fictional backwoods Kentucky village of Dogpatch. But the name itself is derived from Sarah, which means “princess” — so it truly is a little bit country, a little bit fancy!

  • Sylvie

    Funny how much difference one letter can make! While Sylvia (meaning “from the forest”) skews more formal, changing the ending from an A to an E dials up the casual factor and adds some serious spunk.

  • Wilder

    The very meaning of Wilder is “untamed” — and nothing could be more cowgirl than that! Yet the unisex nature of this name gives it a preppy feel when used for a girl, kind of like its -er counterparts Harper, Skyler, or Parker.

  • Lottie

    A diminutive of the buttoned-up Charlotte — which is the feminine form of Charles, meaning “man” — Lottie is a fresher, feistier take on the classic girl’s name.

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