These Baby Nail Clippers With Over Are Reportedly ‘Excellent for Newborns’ & ‘Nervous Moms’ — Now Only $22 Ahead of Prime Day

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Something every new parent will tell you is that they’re terrified of cutting their baby’s nails. When you try to go in, they’re either fidgety, dramatic, or someone crying (probably us to be honest). Things can go wrong, you can accidentally cut your baby’s tiny hands and then you feel awful. It happens all the time and every time, we always feel awful. But after scouring through Amazon, we may have found the quiet, easy-to-use nail clippers of our dreams.

Ahead of Amazon Prime Day, these quiet, must-have nail clippers are 24 percent off, making them an absolute steal. See why thousands of parents are obsessed with this tool below.

Courtesy of Royal Angels Baby
Royal Angels Baby.

Royal Angels 20 in 1 Baby Baby Nail Clippers

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The Royal Angels 20 in 1 Baby Baby Nail Clippers
is a versatile electric nail clipper set that is designed to trim nails both safely and quickly. Both portable and easy to use, this quiet nail clipper set has been deemed a must-have for over 18,000 parents on Amazon.

This handy set comes with a traveling case, six filing attachments for babies, six filing attachments for adults, adhesive replacements, and a user manual. Literally, everything you could need to get started.

Now amongst the files, there’s a color code to help users decide which goes for who. Orange is for up to three-month-olds, green is for kids up to 11 months, and blue is for kids that are one year or older. The rest of the colors are for adults!

To use it, all you have to do is place two AA batteries inside, install the trimmer pad, test the speed, and then start!

One of the top Amazon reviewers said this set is “excellent for newborns” saying: “I was terrified to clip my newborn’s nails, so I purchased this product in hopes for something much easier. It did not disappoint! I’ve used it twice so far, and each time it has put my little boy to sleep; I’m guessing from the light vibrations. It works wonderfully with minimal effort. You literally cannot mess it up; love this product!”

Another reviewer gave it a stamp of approval for “nervous moms with fidgety babies” saying: “This is a great, reliable product. I have a one-year-old and I’m still nervous [about] using traditional clippers to trim his nails. This electric trimmer takes the anxiety out of the process because you know that you’re not going to accidentally hurt your little one.”

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