The Sweetest Photos of Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma's Growing Family

Funny Faces

They’re not a regular family, they’re a silly family, and Banks — who arrived on Oct. 25, 2018 — is learning the ropes.

In November 2018, Duff captioned a photo of the family making funny faces, “Banks … you gotta try harder.” 

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Beach Buds

Koma, Duff and her son Luca — whom she shares with ex-husband Mike Comrie — spent Christmas in the sand in 2018. 

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They Make Her Happy When Skies Are Gray

“These babies bringing all the sunshine,” Duff captioned a sweet photo with Banks and Luca in January 2019. 

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We All Scream for Ice Cream

Koma grabbed some ice cream with Luca and Banks in January 2019. 

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The Pack Sticks Together

In April 2019, Duff simply captioned a photo of the family of four, “🐺pack.”

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Family Inspo

You know what they say: “A family that closes their eyes together , dreams together. Or walks into other families , I forget what the quote is idk.” Oh sorry, that’s just what Koma said when he captioned this photo of his growing family in April 2019. 

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Making Moves

Luca and his mom encouraged baby Banks as she crawled for the first time in May 2019. 

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It’s girls against boys! Or should we say unicorns against dinosaurs? In May 2019, Duff and Banks dressed as unicorns, while Luca and Koma donned dinosaur onesies. 

“2 🦖’s + 2 🦄’s = 🌪,” Duff captioned the family photo. 

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Early Risers

“Morning gang ☕️ 👋🏼,” Duff wrote on Instagram alongside her family in July 2019. 

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Dad on Duty

Koma posed for a photo with Banks and Luca, who carried a backpack on the way to school in September 2019. 

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So Thankful

Forget Instagram versus reality, Duff got hilariously real in November 2019 when she shared a Thanksgiving photo of her family. “HAPPY THANKSGIVING,” the star wrote, adding, “Banks just ate dirt.”

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You Won’t Be-Leave It

The family of four went Christmas tree shopping in 2019, with Duff joking of the laughing family, “They couldn’t wait for us to leave.”

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Best Big Brother

“Honestly, Luca deserves a gold medal,” Duff joked of big brother Luca, who did his best to get his sister to pose with Santa in 2019. 

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Christmas Cheer Duff/Instagram Duff/Instagram Duff/Instagram

Every family knows the struggle of getting everyone to look at the camera for a group holiday photo. 

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Big Cheer

It’s the little wins — like being “almost to fridayyyyy!” — that make this family happy. 

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Take a Hike

On Mother’s Day 2020, Duff wrote alongside a video of her kiddos in the pool, “These kids make me utterly exhausted and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I am amazed by all that they continue to teach me. I am so grateful I get to guide them through this part of their life and witness all of their moments, big and small. I can’t wait to see what they become ♥️”

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Growing Up Fast

“A Sunny shine day with my sunshine boy. Two more years and he’s going to be taller than me 😩🌱,” Duff lamented on Instagram alongside a cute photo with 8-year-old Luca. 

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Snuggled Up

According to Duff, this is a photo of the family’s “Sunday stack,” a.k.a. lounging outside with their kids cuddled up close. 

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Birthday Wishes

In honor of Luca’s 8th birthday, Koma posted a sweet tribute to his stepson on Instagram. Koma wrote, “It’s this little dude’s 8th birthday today and I couldn’t be more proud + honored to watch him become the little man, son, brother and role model he is. Some of the perspective this kid brings into our world is actually mind blowing. We have each other’s backs so hard and I’ve learned more from him than he’ll ever realize.”

He added, “Thank you Luca, for letting me walk you into school, for walking me down the aisle, reigniting the kid in me, singing my songs with me, looking out for my dairy allergy, teaching me every good iPad game, watching Frozen with your sister every morning, letting mom think you break things when I really do, and for just simply being you. We’ll always, always be the ‘sweet team.'”

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Quality Time

Duff had a “date night with [her] dude,” 8-year-old Luca in October 2020. The mom posted a photo of the pair in action at a pottery class, joking “I think Luca was blind folded for half of it.” 

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Daddy-Daughter Time

Koma posted an adorable selfie with a smiling Banks in N.Y.C. in October 2020. 

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Baby Makes Five!

“We are growing!!! Mostly me …” Duff captioned an Instagram post announcing that she and Koma are expecting their second child together. 

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