The Secret Code In Walmart’s Price Tags

When you shop at Walmart, you’ve probably noticed that not every item ends in .99 (think $14.99 or $2.99). In fact, you might find some items that have odd numbers at the end of the price tag, like $9.97 or $5.95. Is it just random numbers, or is there something more strategic going on? Yes, there is a secret code in Walmart’s price tags, and knowing it can save you a ton of money.

It’s always exciting to score a sale, and there are plenty to be had at Walmart. But even if you come across a sale item, do you ever really know if that’s the bargain basement price you’re looking at? Probably not. And that’s why understanding Walmart’s price coding is so important.

Here’s how it works: If you find an item that has seven cents at the end of the price, (like $8.97 for example), that’s Walmart’s full price (via The Krazy Coupon Lady). Even though it might seem like it’s slightly discounted because you might be used to seeing products priced with a nine at the end (think $6.99), it’s really the low, everyday price.

Here's the meaning behind some other Walmart pricing codes

But let’s say you see an item that’s priced ending with a five ($7.95, for example). Well, that means the item has already been discounted once (via Cheat Sheet). Could the item go on sale again? Possibly, but if that coffee maker you’ve been eyeing has a five at the end of its price tag, it may or may not go down again.

If said coffee maker does go on sale again, though, its new price won’t end in five. Instead, items slated for final markdown will have either a zero or a one on their price tag. So, if the machine is now marked $29.01 or just $29.00, you can know that this is the absolute best price you’re going to get — and you should purchase it now (via The Krazy Coupon Lady).

In a way, it’s important to understand Walmart’s secret pricing language. After all, if you’re shopping and you see a product that you want to purchase, you can gauge if it’s still at full price, or if it’s the rock-bottom best you’re going to get. And that will ultimately determine if you’re strolling out of the store with a full cart of heavily-discounted items, or if you’ll take your chances and see when the next sale rolls around.

Either way, you’ll be saving money, and it all comes down to simply looking at the price tag and knowing what that last number means, which can be priceless.

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