The Rock Shares The Special Thing He Keeps in His Backpack for His Daughters

Sunglasses? Check. Phone to record? Check. What else do you need when taking your kids outside on a beautiful Sunday? Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson keeps one special thing in his backpack for daughters Jasmine (“Jazzy”), 6, and Tiana Gia (“Tia”), 4, whom he shares with wife Lauren Hashian.

The Rock, who is also dad to Simone Alexandra with ex Dany Garcia, posted a video to Instagram yesterday revealing this secret item: granola bars!

“Daddy always has granola in his back pack,” he captioned the video. “You know why? Because Daddy loves you more than Mommy 😈❤️,” he cheekily added.

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The video starts with The Rock saying, “It’s a beautiful way to spend a Sunday” before panning over to show Jazzy on horseback for a riding lesson. “She’s got some good form,” he added.

Later, Tia walks up to him. “Here’s another one of my babies,” he said. “You need granola bars? Well, guess who has granola bars?” She smiles and says, “Who?” He responds, “Daddy’s got granola bars.” “Yay!” she shouts.

“Yeah, you know why?” he added. “Because Daddy loves you more than Mommy.” She says, “Yeah” and hugs his leg while The Rock just laughs. Poor Hashian, getting roasted like that!

She commented on his video, defending herself. “Hey HEY!” Hashian wrote. “MOMMY packed the granola bars!!! U know where her loyalty lies👊🏽😂.” LOL! Who hasn’t tried to win their child’s affection over the other parent?

The Rock’s post wasn’t just about trolling his wife, though. He also talked about Jazzy in his caption, writing how proud he is of her. “Beautiful Sunday watching one of our babies prepare for her next competition 🐎,” he wrote. “Form’s getting better. Day by day. She’s putting in the work with her coaches 👏🏾 Proud of her 6yr old work ethic starting to take shape 🙏🏾👊🏾.” Yeah, girl!

The most important thing to remember: the parent with the snacks always wins!

Celebrities — they’re just like us! Especially when it comes to embarrassing their kids.

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