The Only Reason We Can Watch Kelly Ripa's Sweet Photo Shoot With Her Daughter

Here’s something that happens to many of us: We post a photo of ourselves or our kids to social media, then a well-meaning aunt or one of our parents grabs the photo and reposts it to their own Facebook accounts. As much as that annoys me, I must admit I’d be tempted to do the same once my own kid joins a social network. But supermom Kelly Ripa has just demonstrated the right way to be a proud mama of the internet — with the consent of her daughter.

Earlier this week, Ripa’s 18-year-old daughter, Lola Consuelos, posted a throwback video of herself and her mother during a photo shoot circa 2004. It’s the sweetest video, showing the four year old smiling, hugging, kissing and nuzzling each other all while also looking all done up in matching red gowns with the fashion fan blowing their hair back just so.

No wonder Ripa wanted to share it with her fans too. To Lola this was probably a fun memory, but to her mom, this was also a precious time capsule of her relationship with her little girl who’s all grown up and in college now.

But did the TV host simply snatch that pic and repost it? Nope. She reached out to her daughter and asked her permission. Also, she added Madonna’s “Vogue” to the soundtrack to up the production value a bit.

“#tbt 2004-ish because she said i could post (i think this is for #glamour),” Ripa captioned the video yesterday.

Some of Ripa’s followers caught that “she said I could post” too.

“I hear you On post permission,” Debi Mazar commented.

It must feel especially important for celebrity moms to get consent from their kids before rebroadcasting their posts on their often bigger platform. But the rest of us can take note too, because we can afford to respect that these are their thoughts and images to share, even if we brought them forth into the world.

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