The One Bathroom Trend You’ll Want To Try In Your Home This Year

Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, one thing for sure is that everyone is always looking for ways to improve their space. While some people opt for full renovations, others look for more minor additions and projects to spice up their homes in small and useful ways. From a coat of paint to a new accent piece, there are tons of ways to make a space feel fresh and new all over again. 

One area that everyone looks to update is the bathroom. While it seems to be difficult to make bathrooms feel “new again” because there aren’t too many things to add, there are some products and accessories that are easy to install and really convenient for everyone. Don’t you want to add something that makes you feel like you’re on vacation somewhere fancy and chic? The most popular trend for the bathroom this year will do just that. 

Why invest in a bidet?

After the great toilet paper shortage of 2020, many people are thinking twice about their toilet paper usage. In 2021, the most popular bathroom trend happens to help you cut down on toilet paper and help your behind at the same time — the bidet. “Believe it or not, bidets will be popular. The toilet paper gate of 2020 scared us all, and lately my design firm has been getting a couple of inquiries about our thoughts on bidets,” says home design expert Tiffany Leigh (via Good Housekeeping).

While Americans aren’t too used to using bidets, they are a staple around the world. Not only do bidets cut down the money you spend on toilet paper, they’re also proven to help keep things “clean” and help prevent rashes, hemorrhoids, and UTIs (via Business Insider). 

Using a bidet is also environmentally friendly, by cutting down on the use of toilet paper. “Bidets are great for the environment. Toilet paper production is extremely resource-intensive, consuming massive amounts of water and trees during the process,” says James Lin, founder of (via Allure).  

Not only are bidets good for the environment, they’re also proven to keep your butt happy, healthy, and clean! 

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