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The One Baby Shower Gift I'm Giving Everyone (but Kinda Want for Myself)

The One identifies the single product that in-the-know people, from editors to celebrities, swear by to make their lives better in a “must-tell-everyone” way.

I like to think I’m not terribly susceptible to Instagram marketing (though I do have to admit that my Rothy's sneakers live up to the hype), but there was one brand I couldn’t resist trying when it blew up in my feed last year: Brooklinen. All my favorite bloggers seemed to be swearing that linen sheets were totally revolutionary, and since I was pretty indifferent to my existing set, I put Brooklinen on my Christmas wish-list. You guys. They’re so freaking good. I can’t explain how they keep you the right temperature and always feel like you just washed them, which is the best sensation in the universe. (Though I will note that I still sleep with a silk pillowcase, since I feel like linen + 5-step-skincare routine = no bueno.)

Weirdly, I didn’t put nearly as much thought into the sheets my baby sleeps on, mostly just registering for “cute.” But at a press event for their just-launched Brooklittles baby bedding line, the founder pointed out that many new parents obsessively feed their babies out of only glass containers, bathe their babies with super-clean products, opt for nontoxic wooden toys whenever possible … and don’t check to see if their bedding is chemical-free and made sustainably. And my kid spends 16 hours a day with his face smooshed into his mattress! Once I saw their cute N.Y.C. print crib sheets (made chemical-free with all the fancy stuff), it didn’t take much more to convince me to swap them in. And then I saw the star-print blanket and I knew my baby shower gift game was going to the next level.

At your baby shower, as you open brightly-colored gift after noisy gift, you start to wonder if your house will ever look the same again. I remember wondering why all baby stuff was so goofy-looking. Giving this gorgeously woven, neutral but still nursery-sweet star-print blanket is a nod to the fact that they’ll want to swaddle their baby in the softest, coziest things … and that their living room will once again reflect their taste, someday. It’s unexpected (so I won’t be giving them their 15th copy of Goodnight Moon) and sophisticated (so I will get brownie points for remembering she was my friend before she was a mom) and it goes with pretty much any decor, so she might end up just leaving it in the living room. Have I talked myself into buying one for me? Maybe.

Buy It! Brooklinen Brooklittles “Stars” muslin baby blanket, $58; brooklinen.com

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