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The New Bagel Emoji Now Has Cream Cheese on It, the Internet Rejoices

What’s a bagel without its schmear? An emoji that enrages everyone on the internet, apparently.

Apple first announced earlier this month that it would be creating a bagel emoji to be released with the next iOS update. And when Emojipedia showed readers what it would look like, Twitter users quickly called out its resemblance to grocery store brand baked goods — not the stuff of New York City delis. Plus, it had no spread!

The protest worked. Two weeks later, Emojipedia reported to enraged Apple-users that they will be able to text a much more doughy-looking bagel with traditional cream cheese in the near future.

That said, the emoji will look different depending on the app being used to type it, so it will still be plain on Microsoft and Samsung devices. It’s got sesame seeds on Twitter, though!

In response, the internet erupted in joy. Philadelphia Cream Cheese’s Twitter account even invented the hashtag #HappyBagel to celebrate the occasion.

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Of course, as is standard practice online, not everyone was satisfied by the updates, with many users calling for even more bagel emoji options. After all, across New York City, the top bagel destination, there are infinite spreads and toppings to choose from. (Lox! Capers! Onions! Whitefish salad! And butter, if you must.)

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This is hardly the first time emojis have caused a cultural catastrophe. Earlier this year, Google elected to remove the hard-boiled egg from its salad emoji in support of a vegan lifestyle.

And who could forget the outcry over the order of toppings in the burger emoji? In case you were wondering, the cheese obviously goes on top.

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