The First Photos of Rihanna & A$AP Rocky’s Baby Riot Rose Have Fans Questioning Everything They Thought They Knew

It’s official: Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s newborn just may be the most mysterious baby in Hollywood. And that’s about all that’s official. Ever since their second child was born in August, there have been mixed reports making the rounds.

ICYMI: At first, sources told MediaTakeOut that the “Umbrella” singer had given birth to a “beautiful” daughter and that the two were recovering well. “She’s a perfect spitting image of Rihanna – even down to the light eyes,” a source shared.

A couple of weeks later, TMZ reported that RiRi had actually given birth to a baby boy, per “sources with direct knowledge.” “We don’t yet know the kiddo’s name, but we do know it starts with ‘R’ and it’s a boy,” they said.

Sooo … did the couple have a daughter who takes after her mom or a son who has the same initial?

In early Sept., The Blast reported they had obtained the baby’s birth certificate which said Rihanna had welcomed a baby boy named Riot Rose Mayers on Aug. 1 in Los Angeles. Riot Rose! How sweet is that? Little Riot joins his big brother RZA Athelston, 15 months.

Now, nearly two months after Riot Rose’s birth, fans are seeing the first photos of the infant. And it once again has them wondering if they’ve got it right. In the stunning photos from a backyard family photoshoot, the proud parents of two pose and play around with their kiddos. And there’s one detail from this refreshingly casual collection (see photos HERE and HERE) that has captured a lot of people’s attention:

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Riot Rose is dressed in pink.

“So Riot is a girl?????” “It looks like a girl to me because she has her in pink and the name is Riot Rose.”

Let us just say amidst the rush of fan theories based on gender norms, that wearing a certain color does not mean someone is a certain sex. Again, but louder for the people in the back: THERE IS NO CORRELATION BETWEEN COLOR AND SEX.

And yet, the speculation continues. And we can’t really blame followers for having so many questions about a baby whose sex (which, let’s not forget, is ultimately irrelevant!) has been a contested detail since the beginning.

So now we wait until Rihanna makes an official announcement. Mostly because we want to see more pictures of this cutie!

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