The Best Baby Soothers to Lull Them Right to Sleep

Sleep training, next to potty training, isn’t exactly a walk in the park. It’ll most likely require some backup in the form of soothing sleep accessories to lull them into dreamland. One of the most effective tools you can use is a best baby soother, which will create a relaxing white noise sound to comfort them and drift them off into deep sleep. Just like adults, sound machines can help us calm our brain down so we can get quality beauty sleep.

The best baby soother for your child depends on your kid’s needs and how much assistance they need falling asleep faster. While some baby soothers tend to stick to mostly sounds, other feature their favorite characters, a coordinated light and sound show, and more. To help narrow down your search, we’ve rounded up the best baby soothers below. Who knows, you might even want to borrow them yourself.

1. Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother

Capture the attention of your little fish out of water with this sea life themed baby soother. With a coordinated light and sound show, it will quickly put your baby to sleep. Best for newborns, this best baby soother fits right on the crib rail for easy access and viewing for your little one. The remote control works from up to 12 feet away, so you can change it up without having to get up.  With up to 25 minutes of light and sound effects, there are plenty of options to switch up without them getting bored.

2. Baby Shusher

Sometimes, the only thing that will get them to listen or relax is hearing their mom’s voice. Since you can’t be around all day, every day, the next best thing is for them to hear other real human’s voices. This best baby soother uses a real human voice that plays a “shush” sound to lull them to sleep. With 15-30 minute timers, you can walk away and let the machine do all the work. It’s also super portable thanks to its lightweight design, so you can take it wherever you go.

3. Bubzi Soother

Some kids can’t fall asleep knowing there might be a potential monster under the bed, so they’ll feel safe with this friendly owl at their side to fend off any creatures. With 10 relaxing lullabies, bird song, and mama’s heartbeat, there are plenty of options to get them to fall fast asleep in no time. This best baby soother offers a subtle glow that will make them feel safe, without keeping them up. You can also use this as a toy to get their attention for pictures, too.

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