The 5 Best Jobs for Teens — & How to Find Them

With summer finally here, now’s the time when your teen may be looking for a summer job that could potentially extend into the fall. There are plenty of opportunities out there, but when it comes to finding the perfect position for your teen, one that requires minimal skills and offers part-time hours for flexibility to accommodate their busy school schedules is the way to go. After all, if they do decide to keep their job when school starts back up, you’ll want to be assured that their schoolwork doesn’t fall behind.

There’s also the added task of your teen finding a job they’ll actually enjoy. Oddly enough, when I hit the workforce as a 16-year-old, I was surprisingly picky about the jobs I applied for. Lifeguard? Too hot. Delivery driver? Didn’t have a car. Bakery cashier? Perfect. While your teen may not be as picky as I was (here’s hoping), a little help in their job search doesn’t hurt. Because whether your teen is interested in art, books, or fashion, there’s guaranteed to be a job for every passion.

How to find the Best Jobs for Teens

Helping your teen find the right job may not happen overnight, but there are a lot of ways to give them the nudge they need. One is ZipRecruiter. Powered by AI-driven smart matching technology, ZipRecruiter is a leading online job seeker marketplace that actively connects millions of job seekers to all-sized businesses. One of the best things about ZipRecruiter is that job seekers can include their contact information so hiring parties can reach them directly.

There’s also an option to create a profile and upload your resume on the website. Additionally, with the “Am I qualified?” feature, job seekers can make sure they fit a position before applying, so they’re not wasting time applying to a role they most likely will not get. It’s the perfect way for your teen to find a job (and it’s easy to use!) so you won’t have to hound them about finding a job because before you know it, they’ll have found something that aligns with exactly what they’re looking for.

Now that you know how to help your teen find the perfect role for them, read some of our top job choices for teens below.

Summer camp counselor

No matter where you and your teen live, chances are there is going to be someplace nearby that needs a summer camp counselor. This job is especially great for teens because it teaches them how to be responsible for others while also putting them in a relaxed environment filled with lots of fun activities and less screen time. And if your teen works at an overnight camp, it’s also a good way to help prepare them for the day when they’re off at college. Not to mention how much they’ll be saving with a steady paycheck, and their meals and lodging covered by the camp.

Restaurant team member 

One of the most common jobs for teens is working at a restaurant as it requires minimal, if any, prior experience. They can work anywhere from a fast food restaurant where they can man the drive-through windows to an upscale eatery where they’ll most likely be charged with taking orders and waiting or bussing tables. In addition, some restaurants may require their teen employees who work as a cashier to welcome customers as they enter the establishment, or seat them at their designated table. 

Grocery store bagger 

According to ZipRecruiter, baggers are responsible for packaging items into paper, plastic, or reusable bags at checkout lanes in retail and grocery stores. As a bagger, job duties include sorting and placing merchandise in bags according to the type of item and weight, and taking extra precautions for fragile items. Additional tasks may include retrieving carts from the parking lot. This is a perfect job for teens because there are typically no qualifications to become a bagger as it’s an entry-level position with on-the-job training and no experience necessary.

Library assistant 

A teen librarian or library assistant refers to a teenager who volunteers or works at a library, whether it be in the young adult or teen department. Their duties would be similar to other librarians in that they would be providing reference help, entering new acquisitions into the library’s catalog, and ordering books for the library. As someone who worked as a library assistant in high school, this job is great for the avid reader in your family who loves to be around books and help others pick out reads based on their interests.

Retail sales associate

There are so many retail jobs available for teens, but if yours, in particular, loves all things fashion, then taking the sales associate route may be right for them. In this role, they will be responsible for working with customers and assisting them with their purchases. This requires someone who is good at interacting with people and who knows the store like the back of their hand.

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