Tess Holliday Is Eating Healthier and Feels ‘Guilty’

Tess Holliday embraces her body at any size. But the 32-year-old model isn’t certain her fans feel the same way.

Holliday, who is mom of sons Rylee, 12, and Bowie, 2, revealed to Self that she recently began eating healthier to help manage her postpartum depression. (The star also takes medication and sees a life coach.)

“I feel guilty,” Holliday admitted in an interview with the magazine published on Tuesday, June 25. “The amount of people [who] get thrust into the limelight and they’re plus-size? They lose weight. The more successful they get, the more weight they lose. It’s hard because those people don’t owe staying fat to anyone.” Holliday then noted there is a “sense of betrayal that [people] with bigger bodies feel” when a plus-size star loses weight.

Though Holliday preaches that “you just have to let people live and do their own thing,” she still feels uncomfortable about the changes she’s made to her diet. “I feel guilty saying I eat well and that I’m active and that I do all these things,” she said. “I’ve realized that loving yourself, at least for me personally, that means I take care of myself more.”

But the the Not So Subtle Art of Being a Fat Girl author still indulges in her favorite treats including Cheetos. “I can live my life, I can be at Disneyland and eat fried chicken, and that’s my choice,” she mused. “That’s what’s great. It’s my body.”

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