Teddi Mellencamp Gives Update on 'Resilient' 5-Month-Old Daughter Dove Days After Neurosurgery

During a July 12 episode of her Teddi Tea Pod podcast, Mellencamp Arroyave opened up about her baby's procedure.

"We both have our faith and we know that it's gonna be okay, but it's a struggle right now," said the reality star. "They're saying her face is gonna be really swollen after the surgery and she's not gonna know what happened. So it's definitely one of those trying times, where you're just one foot in front of the other."

Mellencamp Arroyave broke down in tears on last Wednesday's episode of her podcast while speaking to one of Dove's surgeons, revealing that, as a mom, she feels a lot of "guilt" after learning about her daughter's diagnosis.

"We do carry around a lot of guilt, because we just want what's best for our kids," she said, tearing up. "I'm just getting scared."

"I'm so looking forward to this being not an unknown anymore, and just knowing 100 percent that she's feeling good," Mellencamp Arroyave added. "I know in my heart and I have faith that it's going to happen."

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