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'Stranger Things' Candy Is Here

Stranger Things season three may still be months away — it is rumored the latest installment won’t be available until the summer of 2019 — however, that isn’t keeping fans from enjoying the Upside Down. In fact, you can now be a part of the supernatural realm thanks to a line of Stranger Things-inspired candy at It’Sugara candy store with dozens of locations across the country.

News of the new line broke when It’Sugar posted a photo of the sweet treats on their Instagram account with the caption, "Live from the Upside Down… our exclusive Stranger Things collection is here!" 

And while the candy can be purchased in stores, it is also available online.

What are some of the collection’s highlights? 

Well, since you can never go wrong with chocolate, we are big fans of the Upside Down chocolate bar — a 3-ounce candy bar that features a mix of premium milk chocolate and gray-speckled white chocolate. (Yum!)

Image: It’Sugar.

Chocolate bar, $5.99 at It’Sugar

The Stranger Things gummy waffle also sounds amazing — especially since it looks like a real frozen waffle soaked in maple syrup.

Image: It’Sugar.

Gummy waffle, $10.99 at It’Sugar

And everyone’s favorite character, Barb, even gets a nod with the Stranger Things missing milk carton — which is a carton filled with malted milk balls and adorned with Barb’s face.

Image: It’Sugar.

Malted milk balls, $9.99 at It’Sugar

You can check out these products and several others at It’Sugar.

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