Still Got World Cup Fever? See Pics of Celebs Playing Soccer

Soccer Fever! The 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup culminated in its championship match in Paris, France, on Sunday, July 7 — with a win for the U.S. women’s national soccer team! If you’re anything like Us, you had your eyes glued to all the exciting matches that took place, and now you’re missing the action more than ever.

Consider yourself in luck! As Hollywood celebrities show, soccer pros aren’t the only ones who like to kick the ball around the field. Stars ranging from singer Justin Bieber to reality star Kendra Wilkinson to actor Will Ferrell and pop star Rod Stewart have all shown that they’ll play a pick-up game or two — and clearly benefit from the tough workout the game offers. British royals Prince William and Prince Harry — not to mention Prince Charles and Duchess Kate — love to sweat it out on the field as well.

The level of play amongst celebs varies, of course. But whether they choose to don cleats and shin guards and play in a charity game or a league or just dribble the ball in a park with friends, it’s clear these star athletes have a love of the game.

If physical fitness is your, well, goal, as far as building cardio endurance goes, football (as pretty much the rest of the world calls it) is high up there on the workout scale — and, as you can see from the pros, the game is great for sculpting muscles too. Just take a look at athletes including David Beckham (even during his retirement) and USA’s Megan Rapinoe, and you’ll see just how fit soccer can make you.

Be a good sport! Scroll through to see photos of celebrities running, kicking, dribbling and more — you may be surprised to see the secret athletes who kick the black and white ball around the pitch.

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