Steve Irwin Gets Teary-Eyed as He Talks About His Kids in a Throwback Video & Now We’re Sobbing Too

Everyone knows Steve Irwin loved wildlife, but he loved his family even more. The Crocodile Hunter once talked about passing on the conservationist torch to his kids Bindi, 25, and Robert, 19, in an emotional video, and if you aren’t ready to cry today, don’t watch it!

Robert shared the throwback video of his dad to TikTok yesterday, on the 17th anniversary of Steve’s tragic death. In it, Steve reflects on a big question.

“Is there anything in this world that would wanna make me giveaway what I’m doing now?” he ponders in the video. “Yes. Yes, there is,” he surprisingly answers. “When my children can take the football that I call wildlife conservation and run it off.”

“When they’re ready to run up our mission, I will gladly step aside,” he continued, with tears in his eyes. “And, I guarantee you, it’ll be the proudest moment of my life.” Aww! How could he possibly have known that they would continue his legacy? What a gift to have this interview recorded for them to look back on now.

“And my job will be done then, and only then will I know that I have achieved my ultimate goal: to stand aside and let them run up my mission,” he said.

During this heartwarming speech, Robert added throwback videos of Steve with his two kids that’ll tug at your heartstrings. He also included a video of his dad tossing a crocodile food, which he then recreated in the present day, showing just how much he’s like his dad.

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“Continuing Dad’s mission will forever be my greatest honour. ❤️” he captioned it.

The comments were pouring in. “😭 😭you and bindi have definitely made his dream come true. He would be so proud! This is so beautiful ❤️” one person wrote, receiving 44.7 thousand likes.

Another person said, “the tears in his eyes… that’s just amazing, as if he knew.”

“The torch was passed sooner than expected to Robert and Bindi and we all know Steve is SO PROUD of everything they have accomplished!” another said.

On Sunday, Robert shared another throwback video of Steve. “Today is Father’s Day here in Australia,” the wildlife photographer wrote. “Days like this are filled with so many different emotions, but above all, I choose to make it a happy day to remember the best moments with the best Dad ❤️.”

Bindi commented, “Dad is SO. PROUD. OF. YOU. He’s always with us. Love you.”

This family may have lost Steve Irwin, but they’ve only gained more love throughout the years. Steve knew his kids would carry on his legacy, and we are are so lucky to get to see them do it!

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