Sterling Mahomes Is in Full Potty-Training Mode & Progress Is Questionable

Sterling Mahomes is going through the oh-so-fun process of potty training, and not only are her pants full, but they’re also “on fire.” It’s a good thing she’s a sweet little liar, liar. Mom Brittany Mahomes posted a video on her Instagram story on Tuesday with Sterling sitting on her lap answering a very important question:

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“Sterling, tell the people, have you gone potty on the big girl potty, today?”

“Yeah!” the 2-year-old said happily and confidently, flashing a big smile.

“No you did not,” Brittany said while Sterling kept insisting that she had.

Oof. What should have gone in “the big girl potty” was found in Sterling’s pants, and not only is that a bummer for obvious reasons, but we also have to assume the little fashionista was wearing something super cute.

“When you wake up from your nap, are we gonna go on the big girl toilet?” Brittany asked.

“Yeah, big girl toilet!” Sterling agreed with that same adorable smile.

And gosh, we hope the toddler kept her promise. Brittany has not updated her 1.3 million Instagram followers, and her husband Patrick Mahomes has been silent too, so we have our fingers crossed that no news is good news. Luckily for the family, Brittany does have a trick up her sleeve to at least keep the house safe from accidents.

  • Safe Outdoors

    Image Credit: Amazon

    After having an accident in the house on Monday, Brittany moved playtime outside. And she blew our minds when she panned over Sterling’s toys and showed off her reusable water balloons. How did we not know these existed? Though keeping Sterling busy outside won’t potty train her, it will cut down on needing to clean the floors, chairs, couches, etc.

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  • Good Timing?

    If this was going to happen, perhaps it’s better it happened yesterday than the day before when Sterling joined her quarterback dad in the Kansas City Chiefs’ weight room.

    “’I go to work with daddy’ 🥹😍🖤,” Brittany captioned her carousel of precious photos.

  • The PB Hack

    Image Credit: Adobe Stock

    Step one with potty training is teaching a child how to go on the “big kid potty.” Step two is teaching them how to wipe. One parent on Reddit had a genius tip for how to get kids to really wipe.

    “I just had my 4-year-old and 6-year-old wipe peanut butter off a plate with some dry toilet paper,” this parent wrote,” they wrote. “To show them how hard they have to wipe. It’s helped a lot.”

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