Sterling & Bronze Mahomes Had the Cutest ‘Wrestling’ Match & It’s Actually So Sweet

Brittany Mahomes’ kids have officially entered the next phase of siblinghood. And what should have maybe had us saying “Eek” actually has us saying “Aww!” Sterling Mahomes, 2, and her baby brother Bronze (who just turned 9 months old), have started “fighting” one another, and their mom caught an adorable video of their latest scuffle.

In a recent Instagram story, we see the kiddos head toward each other in the tunnel portion of this foam playset. When they reach each other, they have a cute little sibling hug, but Bronze quickly starts to push his sister away. After one too many [gentle] shoves to the face, she eventually concedes, and her baby brother wins the “match.”

“Let the wrestling begin,” Brittany wrote over the video, adding a laughing emoji and tagging her husband, NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

This is not the first time we’ve seen the kiddos’ athleticism. Sterling has been showing off her soccer skills for a while now. In June 2023, the toddler was seen scoring a goal while wearing a blue jersey with “Mahomes” and her dad’s number 15 written on the back. She did the same a few months earlier, but that time she eventually used her hands to get the ball fully into the goal. Hey, it was a good effort and good hustle!

It certainly seems like Sterling is following in her mom Brittany’s footsteps. ICYMI: Brittany Mahomes grew up playing soccer, signed with an Icelandic club in 2017 (before retiring to become a personal trainer and be with Patrick), and is now a co-owner of the Kansas City Current.

Patrick recently told E! News that he and Brittany “didn’t even have to prepare” Sterling for getting into soccer, she just did it!

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“We never had taught [Sterling] to play soccer, but she had watched soccer games with us just from going to the Kansas City Current games — and she literally started just kicking soccer balls into the goal,” Patrick said. “We never taught her how to kick, never taught her how to play. That’s just who she is.”

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