Sports Illustrated's Newest Rookie Swimsuit Model Is a Mom Who Walked the Runway Mid-IVF

If you’ve been through — or are going through — in vitro fertilization (IVF), you know the egg retrieval process can be a long and rough road. It’s not generally thought of as the point at which you want to throw on a bikini and walk a Sports Illustrated runway, but that’s exactly what Katrina Scott did recently after being chosen as a 2021 Sports Illustrated rookie for the annual Swimsuit Issue.

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The fitness entrepreneur recently spoke about her decision to say yes when Sports Illustrated called to ask if she would be interested in walking the runway during their annual Swim Week event on July 10 in Miami Beach. Scott was in the middle of IVF treatment after suffering two miscarriages and a chemical pregnancy, reports “With IVF, I had to have a surgery called hysteroscopy,” she told the outlet. “After that, they put you on high levels of estrogen.” Scott says what followed was a “whirlwind” of being emotional as a result of the hormones.

“I didn’t feel ready — (the) amount of swelling and hormones, the amount of things that were happening (with my body), but I said, ‘I’m going to agree to this even though this is such a crazy time in my body,’” said Scott who is mom to a daughter, Isabelle, age 2, whom she shares with husband Brian.

From the images we’ve seen online — and the one we’re sharing here — Scott looked confident, empowered, strong, and glowing.

“I really think that the more that women encourage and empower and give permission to each to be exactly who they are, the more we want to be around those people,” she said. “At one point I was just holding my heart, because I couldn’t even handle how joyful I was.”

Scott gave credit to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit editor MJ Day for helping her feel comfortable. “She said, ‘Go out there, have fun, and be yourself’,” Scott told Today. “The more that some people try to control, the more we doubt ourselves. If MJ sat there and told me to walk or look a certain or prepare a certain way, I would have overthought everything.”

In a recent Instagram post, Scott shared more about the experience: “I hope to represent the women who don’t see their body type in the media (AA, cellulite, curves, and beyond!),” she wrote. “Most of all… I hope to represent YOU. I hope I made you feel proud walking this runway!”

Scott is also featured as a 2021 Sports Illustrated rookie for the annual Swimsuit Issue, which hits stands July 19.

We love this continuance of women feeling empowered to be themselves and celebrating each other. Yes, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit! And yes, Katrina!

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