Sonja Morgan, 55, Says She Likes When She Puts on 'A Little Weight'

At 55 years old, Sonja Morgan has never looked or felt better! And as the Real Housewives of New York City star tells Us Weekly exclusively, it has everything to do with her new body-positive outlook and the way she thinks about her health.

She admits cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery will always have a place in her heart — “in this day and age, the surgery and getting things fixed is part of my self-care,” she says, referring to Botox and other fillers. But her days of worrying about her weight are over.

“Where I felt in this day and age I went too far is to do liposuction. I don’t think it’s in anymore. You don’t really need to have that,” Morgan tells Us. “If your doctor says do it, do it. I just had the doughnut around my belly button taken off, but why bother? I mean really, why bother because people really embrace their curves now.”

The former model recently took that mantra to heart. “The other day, we filmed the reunion and I had on a tight dress from my collection. And you could see the whole outline of my belly button,” she recalls. “And I did a little walk for Bethenny [Frankel], and I was like, ‘I don’t care, I love it.’ The curves. This is who I am. This is the way I am right now.”

Morgan, who recently teamed up with Fiber One, added, “I like when I lose a little weight and I like when I put on a little weight.”

And the divorcée thinks curves are better for dating, anyway! “I can’t make myself crazy about it because nobody else seems to be bothered by it, especially the heterosexual guys,” she shares. “They just like the curves. My straight guys like the curves, they don’t mind. They don’t see what we may see, fashion people, we get a little too critical.”

“But when you’re going to date someone for the rest of your life,” adds the mom of 18-year-old daughter Quincy, “you gotta really be healthy and look good. So I’ve been dating more. Dating more my age, you know, 66 years old, 55 years old, 54 years old.”

She’s not totally over younger men though. “And then I have a 24 year old,” she adds. “But I fall asleep on the couch basically with him.”

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