Shocked mum stumbles on ‘chilling’ note in ‘evil genius’ daughter’s homework

A casual flick through her daughter’s homework book quickly took a dark turn for one mum.

So much so, she believes her "lovely" daughter Poppy may in fact be an "evil genius".

Stephanie Furneaux was having a peruse through seven-year-old Poppy’s workbook when she spotted one piece of work with a chilling message.

Poppy had been practising her cursive handwriting with a list of specified words when Stephanie, from Gunnislake, Cornwall, saw the disturbing sentence.

The words Poppy had to use for the writing exercise were January, February, March, knock, knitting, destroy, royal and poison.

The instructions read: "Now practise your spellings by writing some of your spelling words in sentences."

So what did Poppy write?

"In March I found poison to destroy you".


As for Stephanie’s reaction, the 33-year-old revealed: "I just burst out laughing and then I started to get a bit worried, I thought it sounded a bit ominous. I was thinking maybe my child is an evil genius."

"I’m not locking my bedroom door at night though, she’s a lovely girl really so I’m sure I’m safe."

Microbiolgist Stephanie text her husband after her discovery, who she reveals was a bit more laid back about Poppy’s homework.

"I think he was a bit more sensible about it," she adds.

"He pointed out she didn’t have that many words to make a sentence from so from what she was given she did a good job.

"I haven’t mentioned anything to her about it, I just think it was clever of her to make a sentence from it.

"You feel like you’re not the only one with quirky children who do and say funny things.

"It’s funny to see how their little minds work and the things that they write without realising how humorous they are. I think this shows the weird and wonderful things that kids do.

"Poppy is very bright and loves reading, she’s always got a book in her hand. She’s just a happy little seven year old."

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