Shawn Johnson’s 1-Year-Old Son Jett Looks All Grown Up in Cute New Picture

Shawn Johnson’s son Jett turned one on Tuesday, and he looks like a mini teenager in a cute new picture. The former Olympian shared a black-and-white shot of her and Jett yesterday, and he is already all grown up!

“My boy 😍,” Johnson captioned the post.

In it, Jett is wearing a short-sleeve button down shirt with a backward baseball cap. He’s smiling and looking off to the side, showing off all his teeth. In the bottom right corner of the picture, you can see his tiny checkered black-and-white sneakers. He’s a tiny fashion icon!

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His preppy style makes him look ready for high school! He’s definitely not a baby anymore, and it’s so adorable.

“What a cutie he is!! 😻💓🤗” someone commented.

Others noticed he is Johnson’s mini-me. “Twins!! 😍” one person wrote. “Your TWIN 😍,” added another.

Someone else said, “Beautiful mini Shawn❤️.”

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“He looks so much like his Mommy! Drew looks like her Daddy!” another commented, referencing Johnson’s 2-year-old daughter Drew, who she also shares with East. Even if Drew looks more like her dad, she shares a similar love of gymnastics with her mom!

Jett recently learned how to walk, which East has shared in the funniest videos. One of him waving his arms while he moves through the house last week and another of him slipping and falling on papers strewn across the floor — although he doesn’t seem fazed at all.

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On Wednesday, East shared a video of Jett’s first words. “He learned how to say, ‘uh-oh,’ first words,” East said in the video, before sharing that he says it after he drops something and right before he drops something. In it, he’s walking around with a baseball, dropping it over and over again saying “uh-oh” with the sweetest little boy voice.

He’s such a little cutie!

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