Shawn Johnson Shares Potty Training Tips & the One Thing That Motivates 2-Year-Old Drew

Parenting isn’t always baby giggles and slobbery kisses. Sometimes, it can be downright messy — especially when it’s time for potty training! Shawn Johnson, Olympic gold medalist and potty training rookie, recently took to Instagram to share the exciting thing that motivated her 2-year-old daughter Drew to go on the potty seat. Hint: it’s bribery at its finest!

“Tell everybody what you just did,” Johnson says on her Instagram Stories Wednesday. Drew slowly smiles and says, “Potty,” looking so proud of herself. She’s eating chocolate in the video, which is the best reward for anyone, but seems to work especially well for toddlers.

“Are you killing the potty training? Are you doing such a good job?” Johnson asks. Text over the video says, “POTTY TRAINED GIRL RIGHT HERE!!!” and her enthusiasm is contagious. That glorious moment when your toddler finally figures out how to hold their bladder until they get to the toilet is one of the best parenting milestones.

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So, what’s the secret? M&Ms of course! She swallows and then takes her hand away to say, “I want more, Mama.” Johnson, who also shares 11-month-old son Jett with husband Andrew East, responds, “You want more M&Ms? Well, you have to go potty on the toilet again, OK?”

Ah, the classic candy-for-going-potty trick. I did this with my two oldest kids, and let me tell you — it really works! Later in her stories, Johnson clarified her strategy.

“Potty training tips! I learned from my friend!” Johnson wrote. Step one: “rip off the diaper. Cold turkey.”

Next, “put on underwear.”

Now for the most important motivator: candy! “Jar of m&ms next to big girl potty,” wrote Johnson. “Reward with m&m after every successful mission hahahaha.”

Hey, if it works, why change it?

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