Shawn Johnson Is a Kitchen Gymnastics Coach With Her Kids — We’re Cheering For Their Adorable Flips!

While most moms can barely tumble out of bed on Sunday mornings, Shawn Johnson is in the kitchen, playing gymnastics coach for her kids. The Olympic gold medalist shared the most adorable video teaching her son Jett, 1, and daughter Drew, 3, to flip, and we are officially their biggest fans!

“Practicing flips with the kids 😝,” Johnson wrote over an Instagram reel yesterday. Everyone is in their pajamas in the kitchen, as Johnson holds Jett with both arms around his bottom. His little feet are wrapped on either side of his mom, as she leans down. The toddler reaches up to put both hands flat on the ground by his head (with expert form, of course!), and then she switches her hands to his stomach to help him flip his legs over to the floor.

The whole thing is seamless — and incredibly cute!

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Drew is up next! The little girl in her pink dinosaur pajamas runs up to Johnson for her turn, barely waiting for Jett to stick his landing. This little girl has clearly practiced this particular trick a number of times, as she’s already swinging down, arms stretched out overhead, to do a flip. Her smile after she nailed the dismount is so proud of herself!

This was fun 🤩,” the bestselling author captioned her video. Fans couldn’t help but agree. “U got some Future athletes right there,” one person said.

“It’s that little belly poking out for me 😍😍,” another said about Jett’s cute stomach peeking out of his shirt as he flipped.

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Others thought that this short clip wasn’t quite realistic… “But what we really wanna know is how many times in a row do they wanna ‘do again’? 😂❤️” one person asked. You know the answer was definitely more than one!

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“My kiddos crawl up my legs and then flip their little bodies over …. over and over again 🤪😂❤️,” someone else wrote.

“When you wonder why your back spasms at 3 AM…refer here….😂,” another joked. So true.

Johnson and her husband Andrew East often involve their kids in athletic challenges. Earlier this month, they had a super cute handstand competition, and in November the little ones lifted weights like their dad. Drew also goes to a gymnastics studio with her mom, where the balance beam is one of her favorite spots.

When Shawn Johnson is your mom, a little morning flipping is no big deal!

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