Shawn Johnson East is Every Mom Anxiously Waiting for Her Kids to Come Home in This Sweet Video

When you have to go to work or go on a short trip without your kids, it can be so bittersweet for parents. Sure, it’s nice getting the break (eating food while it’s hot is always a plus!), but it can be so hard missing your little ones while you’re gone! Shawn Johnson East nailed the feeling every mom has experienced of anxiously waiting for her kids to get home in a sweet video posted by her and husband Andrew East.

On Instagram Thursday, Andrew and Shawn posted a video showing Shawn gazing out the window, with text reading “When mom hasn’t seen her kids in a few days” and “*waiting anxiously for them to get back.*” He captioned it: “Can’t go more than a few hours without these peeps.”

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While she’s waiting for her kids to come in, Shawn is literally dancing with excitement, which Andrew calls her “happy dance.” It’s just so cute! The couple’s 6-month-old son, Jett, is then carried in, and Shawn can’t help screaming, “yes!” The baby looks around wide-eyed as Andrew says, “Oh my gosh, you’ve changed!” which made me laugh so hard. I always feel like my kids have grown up when I haven’t seen them in a while, too.

After giving him plenty of hugs and kisses, Drew walks in the room. As Drew casually walks through the door, munching on snacks, this, too, is so relatable. Why does it always seem like we are more excited to see our toddlers than they are?

The video ends with a sweet family selfie of everyone reunited. Aw, the pure joy of seeing your kids again!

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