Shakira’s Trainer Anna Kaiser Shares Fitness and Diet Tricks

Her hips don’t lie! Shakira is known for her envy-worthy curves, toned booty and flat abs. Celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser exclusively takes Us Weekly through the workout and diet tips she used to get the 41-year-old singer in the best shape of her life.

Kaiser, who is the creator of the dance-inspired workout AKT and has worked with the Colombian singer for eight years, says interval training five days a week was key to getting Shakira stage ready. “We focused on leaning out, strengthening her core and boosting her booty — and then toning her arms like crazy,” she says.

While the former voice coach kicked off her 55-date El Dorado world tour on June 3, the hard work began several months prior. “We started cracking down four months before she went on tour, building up her endurance so that she could sustain performing at that crazy level of energy for two hours,” Kaiser tells Us. “And bumping up her strength because she plays a lot of instruments, she’s dancing and she’s on and off stage through trap doors — so we needed to make sure that she was physically strong enough to endure all of that.”

The mother of two, who is married to Spanish football player Gerard Pique (with whom she shares sons Milan, 5, and Sasha, 3) would do 30-minute dance-based intervals followed by 30-minutes of strength training five days a week. “I kept these low impact and made sure she rolled out her feet to keep her fascia loose and stretched after every workout,” says the New York City-based trainer, who traveled to Barcelona to work alongside the singer. “It really was just as much about self care and making sure that she could make it through months of touring without getting injured as well as maintaining her strength and stamina.”

Twice a week, Kaiser added on a 45-minute interval swim workout later in the day. “She loves to swim,” says the fitness guru. “Plus, it’s low intensity cardio, which was different than what we were doing in the morning.” She also had her swim laps, “so that she challenged her stamina and endurance differently and it felt really good on her body.”

Keeping the Grammy award winner’s energy up with five to six small yet satisfying meals a days was also crucial. “I wanted to make sure that she was eating multiple times a day, revving up her metabolism,” Kaiser tells Us. “I bumped up the amount of times she ate every day with small amounts of food that would fill her up — she would snack on a creamy asparagus soup that was lightly salted.”

The cardio-dance pro also worked with the 5-foot-2 singer’s personal chef to oversee her pre and post-workout meal plan. Immediately before her morning workout, the singer would have a cup of coffee “to get her heart rate up,” says Kaiser. After each sweat session, she ate a combination of protein, fat and carbs like two small turkey sausages with a side of cucumber and tomatoes sprinkled with feta cheese.

And for a healthy indulgence, Kaiser would surprise Shakira each night with a sweet treat. “She loves chocolate, so I would bring something to the door outside the recording studio like a few squares of Hu Kitchen Paleo dark chocolate or Golden Milk which is macadamia milk, turmeric and a little bit of coconut sugar.” As for why Shakira loved this easy-to-make anti-inflammatory drink, the workout pro notes, “It’s delicious.”

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