Seth Rollins Opens Up About Expecting Baby with Fiancée Becky Lynch: 'Let's Do This Thing'

Images of Dominik's bruised body drew attention on social media, and Rollins says it offers even more reason for fans to be hyped about their "street fight" match at SummerSlam.

"We use the old saying, 'it's not ballet', and it's not, it's physical. He took his licks like a champ, man," Rollins says. "He bruised up pretty good, got some good pictures out of it. And I'm sure that stoked a fire in him, and at SummerSlam, we'll be able to bring him to my level and we'll be able to have a good fight."

With Dominik taking the reins from his WWE superstar father, it begs the question of whether Rollins' child may one day do the same.

"Oh gosh, if they want to do that, that's their business. I'll support them in whatever endeavor they choose," Rollins says. "At the end of the day, if they're happy, I'm happy."

"[The industry] has been so enriching in my life and has given me people that are my best friends, and it's given me my wife," he continues. "The value that it has added to my life has been something that I can't even quantify. I couldn't put it into words for you."

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