Scarlett Johansson Really Hopes Her Kids Don't Pick Up the Bad Habit That Left Her Feeling 'Ashamed'

Scarlett Johansson has a secret she really hopes her kids won’t find out. The actress told Drew Barrymore in an interview on Wednesday that the one thing she doesn’t want 7-month-old Cosmo and 7-year-old Rose to know is that she used to smoke.

“My daughter may have asked me this before,” Johansson said. “I used to smoke when I was younger and I’m so ashamed. I just don’t want her to ever think that I ever thought it was cool because she can never, ever, ever smoke.” The actress went on to explain that she will “forbid” her kids from picking up a cigarette.

“So yeah, I just hope she never figures that out,” Johansson concluded. 

It might be a little tricky keeping any secrets from Rose. Johansson told Kelly Clarkson during a 2021 talk show appearance that her daughter is always, always by her side — whether she likes it or not.

“She shadows me, like, all the time,” Johansson explained to Clarkson. “Which is wonderful and I know that it’s something I’m sure in a few years she’s not going to want anything to do with me. So I should soak it all up.”

Understandably, some places just feel a little off-limits. “There’s definitely times where she’s on the other side of the bathroom door and I’m like, ‘Rose, you gotta give me a minute!’ Everybody needs their time,” she added. “But she means well and I’d rather have it that way than her wanting nothing to do with me.”

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Rose is slowly but surely figuring out that her mom is a big fixture in the industry. Last year, Johansson told PEOPLE that her daughter fell in love with the Home Alone movies — only to find out that her mom was in the third film. Johansson decided not to spoil the surprise ahead of time and wait to see if Rose would figure it out on her own.

“I just wanted her to make the discovery,” Johansson recalled. “Of course, she didn’t because how can an 11-year-old me remind her of me now? And I said, ‘Who’s that person?!’ She was like, ‘You?’”


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