Say Goodbye to Mealtime Mess With This TikTok-Famous Sticky Plate

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There’s a reason we don’t have white rugs anymore and why we have the detergent on standby. When we were younger, our mortal enemies were hangovers, the alarm clock, and accidentally spilling a spot of wine on our new blouse. While we still wrestle with those problems occasionally, they’re nothing compared to the nemesis we gained with motherhood: mealtime mess.

They get it on their clothes, on the high chair, on the ground — mostly anywhere but their mouths. Every mom understands the struggles and they also understand how it can get frustrating when your little one is throwing around their food plates left and right. Luckily, we’re in the age of TikTok — meaning we can find our saving grace products all in one video.

Back in 2020, a TikToker by the name @lindsayroggenbuck posted a video of “Baby Must-Haves From Amazon,” where she showed a game-changing plate. You can see the video HERE.

This adorable, travel-size plate both compartmentalizes your kiddos food and stays in place no matter what.

The ezpz Mini Mat is a reusable, silicone suction plate that contains the mess for even the messiest toddlers and infants. Both lightweight and powerful, this mat fits onto any flat surface and won’t budge if your kid tries to pick it up and throw it across the room.

Available in four bright colors, the ezpz mat promotes self-feeding and motor skills — and keeps your dining room rugs spotless!

Something to keep in mind is that some unhappy customers say it can “retain the taste of dish soap,” so research alternative methods for cleaning.

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