Ryan Gosling Is a Ken in Real Life as He Shows His Kids How to ‘Beach’

If you’ve seen the Barbie movie (spoiler alert!), then you know that Ken is Kenough just the way he is. Even if his job is “just beach.” Now, Barbie star Ryan Gosling is channeling his inner Ken by bringing his wife Eva Mendes and their kids to the beach!

  • Beach Fun

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    Just like in the Barbie movie, Gosling is a pro at his job, “beach.” It was like bring-your-daughter-to-work day as he went to the beach with Mendes and their daughters Esmeralda, 8, and Amada, 7, near Santa Barbara on Friday. The family was captured in photos by TMZ. The Gray Man star wore a red t-shirt under a striped blue-and-white button-down shirt with jeans and a white baseball cap, and Mendes was dressed in a black swimsuit with an orange cover-up. They family of four were hanging out with several other people, possibly family members or nannies.

    According to TMZ, the girls had paddleboards with them. There were no rollerblades in sight, but it seems like they still had a lot fun!

  • Esmeralda and Amada Are Serious About Barbies

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    In an interview with PEOPLE last month, Gosling revealed how his daughters really feel about Ken. 

    “Barbie has always kind of been on the periphery. But now, it’s a part of my day-to-day because I have two kids,” Gosling said. “I kept finding their Ken dolls discarded, so the whole idea that nobody plays with Ken is true.”

    In a different interview with ET Canada, Gosling elaborated a little more about how serious his daughters take their Barbies. “My kids, their Barbies aren’t even named ‘Barbie.’ They all have their own names [and] very complicated lives, backstories, interrelationships, history — you gotta know it all,” he said. “If you are playing with the two that are estranged now for some reason [and you did not know that], it’s like, ‘Get out of here.’” 

  • Eva Mendes Opened Up About ‘Respecting’ Her Kids

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    In July, Mendes shared a video of herself playing on a playground with her kids and going down a slide. In her caption, she opened up about the importance of respecting kids.

    “I grew up in an incredibly loving family, but in Cuban culture -the time I was growing up- respecting children wasn’t a thing,” she wrote on Instagram. “I’m hoping to break this cycle with my kids.
    I value their opinion. I respect their body. I respect their suggestions / ideas -even if I don’t agree with them. And they have a voice in our home. A loud one.” 

    It sounds like advice Barbie would approve of! 

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