Rumer Willis Proves Moms Really Are Superhuman By Breaking Her Own Water During Labor

Captain America gets a lot of hype, but moms are the real superhumans — and Rumer Willis’ birth story proves it.

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During a multi-episode appearance on the Informed Pregnancy podcast, the mama of baby Louetta Isley shared her labor and birth experience, and Willis’ story is truly awe-inspiring. The Once Upon a Time In Hollywood actress not only welcomed her daughter into the world at home, but she also broke her own water.

Recalling the life-changing experience, Willis said she “dilated from 2 to 8 inches in about an hour,” but her water remained unbroken. Under the supervision and instruction of her doula, the new mom used her finger to break her water bag so she could begin to push.

Willis explained, “[My doula] was checking me and felt my water bag bulging, but still not popping, which was wild. And so, I was like, ‘Well, should we break it?’ She goes, ‘Well, you can.’ I’m like, ‘What?’ I was like, ‘Are you serious?’”

The 34-year-old continued, “I reached my finger up there, and I’m feeling and it was crazy. I could totally feel this little bag — it feels like a water balloon, but with a bit tougher skin,” she described.

“She just said, ‘Okay. On the next contraction, just push against it with your finger,’ and I popped it,” Willis said. “I think there’s a photo of me and I just have this look of shock and surprise on my face. Because it’s a different sensation when the water bag is pushing against your cervix to when the baby’s head is,” she explained.

  • Bringing Her Baby Into the World

    Image Credit: Amy Sussman/Getty Images.

    Willis described how her labor progressed once her water broke, sharing, “It was like I pushed a little bit. Like, I pushed — well, I didn’t push a little bit, I pushed harder than I’ve ever probably, but it was literally like I pushed, her head was out. I pushed again and her whole body was out.”

    “There was no pause,” she recalled. “There was no pause in between. It wasn’t one of those moments where it was, ‘Oh, your head is out.’” The Dancing with the Stars champion added, “My midwife and my partner caught her. It was the wildest thing. She had a cord wrapped around her neck, but it was also wrapped around her body in like almost like a prom sash,” Willis explained.

  • The Moment She Met Her Daughter

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    Once her daughter was out of her body, Willis was eager to meet her. “We had four hands under there, under the birth stool,” she said. “I’m going, ‘Give me the baby. Give the baby.’ As soon as they untangled her, she was in my arms,” the new mom shared, saying it was “the most ecstatic, joyful moment of my entire life.”

    “I just started sobbing with joy,” Willis recalled. “I have some of the most beautiful photographs of it of just me looking at her, and looking at my sisters, and looking at my mom and my mom holding me,” she shared.

  • Not a Meeting, But a Reunion

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    But for Willis, the moment she met her daughter didn’t really feel like she was meeting her for the first time — it was more of a cosmic reunion. “My sister actually told me something later that I didn’t even realize I said,” the House Bunny star shared. “I looked at Louetta at one point, and I said, ‘I missed you so much.’”

    She continued, “I thought that was so sweet because it truly was like this moment of, ‘Oh, yes! We’re back together.’ It’s like, ‘Oh, yes. This person who I’ve known and I’ve been waiting for forever, here you are.’” A superhuman mom, an otherworldly connection, and a magical baby — what a beautiful experience indeed.

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