Rihanna Revealed Her Lavish Birth Plan — & It Includes an After-Party

Rihanna’s birthing plan sounds like the best party ever. The singer is set to give birth in her Barbados mansion, according to a report from The Mirror. There’s going to be “a state of the art” birthing pool and Rihanna’s pals will be treated to spa treatments as they wait for the delivery. Rihanna, meanwhile, will enjoy plenty of pregnancy massages and Vitamin IVs.

“As far as she is concerned, the day she becomes a mother is the most important in her life. She wants it to be as magical as possible,” a source explained.  “She’ll have the people she cares most about with her, including her mother Monica, and her best friend from childhood Sonita Alexander, who is a doctor and who she wants to deliver the baby.”


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That’s far from all. Once Rihanna gives birth, The Mirror reports that the singer will throw a big beach bash, along with parties at her house and a nearby resort. “She can’t wait to celebrate alongside all her favorite people and is determined to make this epic,” the source noted.

It’s only fitting that Rihanna designed the coolest birthing plan and after-party. The mom-to-be has been celebrating her pregnancy in the best ways possible over the past few months — from stunning, edgy maternity looks to inspiring interviews about body confidence.

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“I’m enjoying not having to worry about covering up my tummy,” she told PEOPLE at the Fenty Beauty Universe Event. “If I feel a little chubby, it’s like, whatever! It’s a baby!”

She also offered up some key advice for future moms everywhere. “Right now, being pregnant, some days you just feel like, ‘Ugh, I just want to lay here on this couch all day.’ But when you put on a little face and a little lipstick, you transform,” she said. “You put some clothes on, and it’s like, when you look good, you feel good. I’ve heard that for a very long time, but it’s true. It really can get you up off that couch and make you feel like a bad b*tch.”

Here’s hoping Rihanna’s post-birth party is filled will lots of lipstick, wildly cool outfits and all that baddie energy.

Childbirth is nothing like in the movies, as these beautiful photos show.

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