Ricky Martin Says 'Adoption Is an Option' for More Kids: 'There's Moments When I Want 10 More'

The actor and former Menudo member also spoke with Out about being a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF and his child advocacy organization, the Ricky Martin Foundation.

"I am an advocate for solid laws that will protect children, but just like I am a man with good intentions that is trying to adopt, there are many people out there with horrible intentions that just want to abuse children," he says.

"I am one of those that says, 'Yes, I want laws to protect children,' but at the same time I realize it's difficult for me to bring stability to this child living in an orphanage that has no one to visit him [because of those laws]. So it's kind of frustrating," Martin adds.

"If I don't do something, I'm allowing it to happen," he continues of his actions on the child advocacy side and elsewhere, including hurricane relief, HIV awareness and more. "If I have the platform that social media has given me to talk to 75 million people, it would be horrible not to talk about the things that people need to hear."

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