Reese Witherspoon Has The Most Relatable Holiday Goal: 'All I Want For Christmas Is All My Kids in One Photo, Smiling'

Parents to kids of all ages know that the simplest tasks are often the most challenging of all, such as getting the entire family together to snap the perfect holiday photo. Reese Witherspoon just revealed to Drew Barrymore that her hilariously relatable holiday goal is truly just to get all her kids “together, in one photo, smiling,” as parents everywhere nod their heads and sigh in weary agreement.

Witherspoon served as the guest on the December 22 episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, when the talk show host asked her about her family’s plans for Christmas. “We’re just doing the regular stuff,” she said. “We’re going to be hanging with my mom, and hanging out with the whole family.”

And while her planned holiday gathering sounds delightfully low-key, Witherspoon dropped a major truth bomb when she lamented about the woes of snagging that perfectly festive holiday shot. “Trying to get all the family members in one picture is really my goal for the year,” she said.

Barrymore agreed enthusiastically, adding, “Why is it so hard to get the perfect screensaver? If you have children, it is like, it takes five years to get it. Someone has a weird face, someone’s not paying [attention], the cropping doesn’t work.”

“All I want for Christmas, is all my kids in one photo, smiling,” Witherspoon replied, adding with a laugh, “hopefully smiling.” Barrymore offered to help by joking that she’d call Witherspoon’s three kids — daughter Ava Phillippe, 22, Deacon Phillippe, 18, and her youngest Tennessee Toth, 9 — to let them know “this is what your mom really wants for Christmas.”

Of course, the famous mom has no doubt hinted about her holiday desires — earlier this month, she shared a set of festive photos posing with two of the family’s dogs, captioning the adorable post, “When you can’t wrangle the crew for a holiday card… just get dogs!”

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Still, all hope is not fully lost. The Witherspoon-Toth crew has absolutely nailed not one, but two, Thanksgiving photos in 2020 and in 2021, so we have a feeling they have it in them to score the perfect Christmas shot this year.

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A post shared by Reese Witherspoon (@reesewitherspoon)

To Reese and all parents with the same lofty goals, we’re wishing you the best of luck as you hit that self-timer button.

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