Reddit's Most Ridiculous Grown Children

Reddit is a cesspool of stories about ridiculous people of all ages, but some of the most shocking are those about grown children acting like big babies.

They may have been coddled by their mommies their entire lives like these 15- and 18-year-old girls who refuse to eat anything other than chicken nuggets and pasta during Thanksgiving dinner (and talk sh*t about the host’s cooking when they don’t get their way), or they might have unfortunately just turned out to be a—holes despite having reasonable, loving parents. Sometimes it be like that, as the saying goes.

Regardless of the cause of their naughty behavior, these grown children will have your jaw on the floor with their audacity. If you have little ones, take note of these Redditors’ adult kids’ nastiness and all the red flags that come along with it so you can squash out any hint of similar behavior in your own kids. Lord knows you did not push a human being out of your vagina or have your guts removed for them to act like these fools!

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