Reddit Is Applauding a College Student Who Got Revenge On His Parents in the Most Satisfyingly Petty Way

Even though they shouldn’t, some parents express favoritism of some of their children over others. The more blatant it is, the more hurt the lesser preferred kids feel — and could anyone blame them? For one teen who recently moved out of his parent’s house to go to college in another state, his hurt feelings manifested in petty revenge, and Reddit is rallying behind his satisfyingly spiteful behavior.

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Sharing his story on the platform’s “Am I The A**hole” (AITA) subreddit, the original poster (OP) begins, “My parents have a habit of buying gifts for me that are actually gifts for the family. My younger siblings get gifts that are just for them but more often than not whatever I get for my birthday, Christmas, or a special occasion is actually meant to be either shared with my brothers or the whole family,” he explains.

As an example, OP writes that one year his brothers got bicycles for their birthdays while he received a Nintendo Switch for his. This is no doubt a nice gift, but it came with a catch. “Whenever I was playing it in my room and my brothers wanted to play I was forced to bring it out so we could all play. But I wasn’t allowed to ride their bicycles,” he shares.

The teen goes on to explain that he’s moved out of state for college and is living with his uncle while working a summer job. Before leaving home, he packed his belongings, including the “gifts” from his parents, but “was told to leave the Switch since I would be busy with school.” Forget blowing off steam, having free time, or the fact that it was given to him as a gift — apparently his parents are the kind of people who reclaim gifts as it suits them.

  • So What Did He Do?

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    “Instead I sold literally everything my parents have forced me to share and used the money to buy myself stuff to replace it,” OP reveals. “I did this over the week before I flew out. The Switch was the last thing to go. I sold it to a friend from school.” Check, mate. It’s a bit of a petty move, but we’d be lying if we said we aren’t stifling a grin at his retaliation.

    He continues, “That was a week ago. My parents and brothers have been bugging me non-stop about being an ungrateful and greedy a**hole. Honestly it makes me smile,” he admits, adding, “I don’t think I was in the wrong to sell my property. I don’t really need anything from them since I have savings, my job, my money from selling my stuff, and my uncle.”

    OP shares that his uncle is actually the one who suggested selling the gifts, “since he thinks my parents were being d*cks to me.” But alas, he’s wondering if the bold move does indeed make him an a**hole. According to the comments under his post, Redditors are stifling their own grins, too.

  • Reddit’s Concensus

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    Eager to reassure OP he’s not the a**hole (NTA) in this situation, Redditors flocked to the comments to share supportive words. One user wrote, “NTA. As a parent of 4 (the oldest of which is 18), I can confidently say your parents are the a**holes in this situation. Good for you.”

    Another person commented, “NTA. You’re moving out, you’re not sharing that stuff anymore, and your life is yours to live. Be free,” they funnily and fittingly added.

    Loving the revenge, one Redditor wrote, “NTA… This was a bold and brilliant move.”

  • Encouraging Him to Move On to Bigger & Better Things

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    Proving the internet can be a wholesome place, Redditors rallied in OP’s corner to assure him a happier life awaits him away from his indignant parents. “You’re ungrateful & greedy?” one user incredulously questioned before adding, “Then what exactly does that make their a**es? Sell your sh*t, enjoy your life, and good luck in school. NTA.”

    Sometimes you have to cut ties with those who walk all over you, even if they are family members — and that’s the first lesson this young adult is learning as he begins to live a life free of double standards and biased demands.

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