Rebecca Romijn Shares the ‘Odd’ Reason Her 9-Year-Old Twin Girls Are Fighting

It was all downhill after Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell’s 9-year-old twin daughters, Dolly and Charlie, stopped bunking together.

“They finally got their own rooms and oddly, they’re fighting more now that they have their own rooms,” Romijn recently told Us Weekly at the Hallmark TCA Summer Party. “Like, all of a sudden, they’re more important than they used to be. They feel like they’re all high and mighty. They’re acting like teenagers already.”

The actress, who is joining season 2 of CBS’ Star Trek: Discovery, revealed that Dolly takes after O’Connell. “The bigness of personality, she’s like Jerry,” Romijn told Us. “Charlie is like neither of us. Charlie is quietly awesome and doesn’t need to be loud to prove herself to anybody. And none of us are like that. She’s amazing. Very mature.”

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Though the sisters have been squabbling, they are partners on the dance floor. “Right now, they’re really into choreography,” the model revealed. “They spend a lot of time choreographing dance routines. They were really impressed with The Great Showman, Hugh Jackman’s movie. So they learned all the music from that.”

Romijn, who attended the event with her husband of 11 years, noted that Dolly and Charlie were with their grandparents. “We tend to take our time together when the girls are at school or away at camp,” she told Us. “They went to wilderness survival camp earlier this summer.”

Back in December, Billions actor O’Connell, 44, joked to Us that he and Romijn are grooming the twins to marry a prince. “They can date anyone they want when they grow up, but I’m using this Meghan Markle thing as a point of reference for them,” he teased. “I would be cool with them marrying a royal. Anytime Meghan Markle is on the news, I point to them and go, ‘Girls, there she is. That’s a princess. That’s what I’m talking about.’ I’m trying to motivate them.”

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