Protect Your Kids With These Easy-to-Use Furniture Corner Guards

Bringing home a newborn is one of the biggest life moments you’ll experience, which means there are so many things to cross off your to-do list before bringing your baby home from the hospital. Some of the tasks are fun and creative. You get to go through tons of paint samples to find the right nursery room color, assemble a crib, stock up on diapers, and the most fun of them all: baby-proof the entire house. While your first thought might be to remove furniture that might be unsafe to your baby, there’s no reason to completely makeover your entire house. Instead of wasting time and money, simply enlist furniture corner guards to safeguard those sharp table edges.

Furniture corner guards have come a long way. Unlike the original, bulky styles, many come in a slimmer silhouette and a variety of colors so they’ll blend in with your furniture instead of sticking out like a sore thumb. You can even purchase them in different sizes, so you can get a more customized feel, so the corner guards won’t miss any part of the furniture that could peak baby’s curiosity. If you want to go a step further, many furniture corner guard sets also include edge guards too, so you can ensure that the entire table is baby-proof. There are many features to consider when shopping for furniture corner guards (shocking, we know), such as density, glue-free removal, and non-toxic materials. Below, check out the best furniture corner guards that will keep your baby safe and help you rest easy.

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1. Roving Cove Baby Proofing Corner Protector

You might think the thicker the furniture corner guard is, the better it will be to protect your little one from bumping their head. When picking out the safest option, you actually want to look for one that’s denser, not necessarily thicker. In other words, just because it might be larger, it doesn’t mean it protects more. This Roving Cove set is significantly denser than the industry standard, so if you have an extra adventurous and curious baby on your hands, this is the way to go. If you opt for the set of eight, you’ll be able to fully safeguard two tables. It also features secure adhesion, so you’ll never have to fear that the corners will fall off after some wear and tear (some serious playing is bound to happen). The density of this set also makes it ultra shock-absorbent too.


2. Bebe Earth Corner Guard Protector Set

Nothing is worse than half-way coverage when it comes to just about anything (bras and makeup, anyone?), and furniture corner guards are no exception. These Bebe Earth pre-taped baby corner protectors offer complete protection unlike some other furniture corner guards. Avoid injuries on a sharp coffee table or unsafe walls with this extra durable set, which is available in three colors (Onyx Black, Oyster White, and Coffee Brown), so you can perfectly match to the color of your furniture — no eyesores here. With over 12 meters of 3M tape and eight pre-taped corners, you’ll have plenty to go around the house. Bonus: each kit also comes with a whimsical animal-shaped doorstopper so you can prevent door slamming or pinching fingers in the doorway.


3. CalMyotis Corner Protector

If maintaining your interior design style is a priority, opt for these clear furniture corner guards that will also ensure your baby is safe. Whether you need to safeguard table edges, TV cabinets, or other sharp corners at home, these bumpers will effortlessly adhere to just about any surface. It shouldn’t take you more than one minute to install, so you can get on with the other more important things on your list. Each transparent corner guard is designed with a custom high-power adhesive, which covers the entire interior, so your child won’t be able to remove it — no matter how hard they try. The new and improved PVC material is ultra flexible and features softer bumps so your little one won’t get injured if they hit it.


4. Skyla Homes Clear Edge Bumpers

These best-selling transparent furniture corner guards are just as effective as they are stylish. With three times more cushion and protection than most bumpers on the market, you can have peace of mind knowing that your little one can freely play around the house without hazards in the way. Ensuring that your home is safe for baby will be a cinch — you’ll need two minutes max to secure these onto your furniture (you’ll most likely get it done faster). These clear furniture guards come with pre-applied adhesives, so you just simply peel off the sticker and apply it to your table corners. These standout furniture accessories are factory tested and only use the highest quality materials, so you’re getting the best protection for your baby.


5. Sure Basics Corner Protectors

These extra-large bumpers will fend off just about any hazard. Prevent accidents as your child is running around with these large bumpers that offer the highest protection with a soft barrier. Installation is a breeze with the pre-taped 3M adhesives, so you’ll just remove the tape and apply the guards directly onto your furniture. These sturdy furniture corner guards will stick to just about any surface including glass, steel, wood, and ceramic surfaces, so you can ensure all your bases are covered no matter what your furniture is made of. If you want something a bit smaller, this style comes in two other sizes: small and large.


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