Products to Boost Your Fertility & Your Spirits — Because Infertility Hurts

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Few things are as heart-wrenching (and utterly exhausting!) as infertility. It’s a seemingly endless bombardment of desperate hope and crushing disappointment, month after month. An emotional and physical rollercoaster that literally no one asks for, yet some of us unexpectedly find ourselves on — with no guarantees as to when, or even if, it will end. Experiences you wouldn’t normally have thought twice about, from attending baby showers to hearing loved ones’ pregnancy announcements to walking past the baby items at the store, can become a painful ordeal. All you want is something that seems to happen so easily for everyone else — sometimes without even trying — but you can get everything right and still have no results. To say that infertility is “frustrating” is a massive understatement.

Modern medicine can work wonders for couples dealing with infertility, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to do things yourself, as well, to try and help get that bun in the oven. From fun things to support your mental health through this grueling journey to technology that will help you identify and track your most fertile days, we’ve rounded up some great products for couples who are struggling to conceive (which do not include ridiculous advice like “just stop trying so hard”). Here’s hoping these might help your dream of having a baby a reality — or at least make the waiting a little bit easier to bear.

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