Printable Mother's Day Coloring Pages to Keep Kids Busy & Give Mom Some 'Me Time'


Whether your kids need a little nudge to make those homemade Mother’s Day cards, or you can just never get enough, we’re here to help. These here coloring sheets can serve double duty as last-minute cards and as a quick and easy way to occupy those little hands and minds. Maybe they’ll even color for long enough to let you drink your coffee hot. Now that is a Mother’s Day gift the stores haven’t yet figured out how to sell us.

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After all, it really is the thought that counts when it comes to kid “gifts” for May’s major maternal holiday, and these coloring pages prove that. But whether you’re Mom’s partner or a mom yourself, it can be hard to steer your kids in the right — read: easy enough — direction for a homemade Mother’s Day gift. Younger kids might not be ready to a) take a hint and/or b) put together a more difficult craft to show their appreciation for Mom. Luckily, these crazy-easy coloring printouts will make for an adorable gift/card/art piece combo that little kids will love to make and moms will love to hang up all year. No shopping required.

And let’s not forget: A cute coloring page is an activity that benefits kids just as much as it cheers the giftee. Coloring has been shown to promote relaxation in adults and kids alike. It’s time to bust out the good kids’ art supplies for this one — and give Mom a few precious minutes of peace while they’re busy creating.

A version of this article was originally published in April 2017.

  • A Tisket, a Tasket …

    Image Credit: Abbydesigns/Getty Images

    … Tons of coloring possibilities in a basket!

  • Going “Owl” In for Mother’s Day

    Image Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

    Whooooo’s got the best mom ever?!

  • Flowers & Felines

    Image Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

    A simple, easy-to-color line drawing to show Mom how much she means!

  • Feelin’ Foxy

    Image Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

    A mama fox wearing a flower crown? Too cute!

  • Oh, Deer!

    Image Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

    This little deer wants to bring his mama a Mother’s Day flower — and he needs some help!

  • The Best Flowers Ever

    Image Credit: Fortuna23/Adobe Stock.

    These flowers don’t wilt!

  • For the Detailed Coloring Fans

    Image Credit: elinorka/Adobe Stock.

    Older kids, or even parents, can get out the colored pencils for this one.

  • Llama Mama

    Image Credit: ImHope/Adobe Stock.

    No words necessary for this sweet image. 

  • Turtles Have Moms Too

    Image Credit: Somjai Jaithieng/Adobe Stock.

    For the turtle fans out there.

  • The Best Hug

    Image Credit: Somjai Jaithieng/Adobe Stock.

    Fun to color AND reminds you to give each other a hug right now.

  • Mom & Me

    Image Credit: Somjai Jaithieng/Adobe Stock.

    We’re not entirely sure what that wild wallpaper is about, but it’s going to be fun to color.

  • Bear Family

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    How adorable are these hugging bears?

  • Owl Family

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    A parent owl reads a story to its adorable baby owls.

  • Create a Card

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    Tell her exactly what she is: a supermom.

  • Giraffe Card

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    This giraffe mom and baby are too cute.

  • ‘Happy Mother’s Day’

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    This flowers-and-sunshine Mother's Day card says it all.

  • Bear Holding Flowers

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    Giving those giraffes some serious cuteness competition.

  • Mother’s Day Card

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    Kids will love to use their imaginations to color in this Mother's Day card.

  • ‘# 1 Mom’ Ribbon

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    Of course your mom is your No. 1 — this card will ensure she knows it.

  • Say, ‘Thanks, Mom!’

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    Tell her what you're thankful for inside the card.

  • Hugging Bear Family

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    Mom will want to post this one up on the fridge the second it's done.

  • Rabbit Mamma & Baby

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    Don't forget to sign your name!

  • Coupon Book

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    Fill in the blanks with the fun stuff.

  • Mother’s Day Maze

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    Find your way to the heart.

  • Hot-Air Balloon

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    Color it in and float on.

  • Mother’s Day ‘Flowers’

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    Not your traditional bouquet of flowers, but it still works.

  • A Bookmark for Mom

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    This printable coloring page bookmark is fun and functional. Win-win.

  • Word Search

    Image Credit: SheKnows

    We spotted "happy" already; circle all the words you see.

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