Pregnant Meghan Trainor Gives a Major Hint About Baby No. 2’s Name

Meghan Trainor is in her last trimester of pregnancy with baby number 2, and we are so excited for her! Is the baby boy going to be a redhead like his 2-year-old brother Riley and his dad, Daryl Sabara? Will have have blonde locks like Trainor? Will he be a squishy little bundle of cuteness (duh!)? While we wait for the newborn to be here, we love speculating on his name — and now the “Mother” singer is dropping even more clues!

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“We always loved the name Riley and we never knew anyone with that name,” she told Mini Magazine in a Spring 2023 cover story. “We liked the idea of not naming him after anyone.”

“This time around, it is quite the opposite. He will be named after a few people we love and even a cartoon character in a movie,” she teased.

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How sweet! No matter what they choose, it’s going to be cute.

  • Meghan Trainor’s Baby Name Might Start With a B

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    This isn’t the first time Trainor has hinted about her baby’s name. In an interview with TODAY earlier this month, the “All About That Bass” singer revealed her and Sabara have had the name picked out for a while.

    “We picked this name out when I was 10 weeks pregnant,” she said. “We’re very fast [at picking names]. We’re like, ‘This is what it will be’ and then we start introducing my stomach as the name,” she joked.

    “Everyone warned us, ‘Don’t tell the world because they’ll rip you apart!’ But I like announcing [the name] on Instagram with a baby photo,” she added.

    Then, Trainor gave a little hint: “We love ‘B’ names. I’ll tell you that.” 

    So, if it starts with a B and it’s a cartoon character, what could it be? Bear? Bruno? Buzz? Bluey?! We know she’s a fan!

  • Meghan Trainor Revealed She’s Having a Boy on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’

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    Trainor and Sabara appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show last month for the cutest gender reveal. Host Kelly Clarkson played a video of their son Riley announcing the sex of baby number 2: “It’s a boy!” he said in the cutest little voice.

    “We aren’t sure if he understands what is happening yet,” Trainor told Mini Magazine about Riley. “We point to my belly and he says, ‘Baby!’ Sometimes he even says ‘baby brother’ or the name of the baby.”

    She added, “He is so sweet and gentle with his friends that we are not too worried about how he will react with the baby.”

    He’s going to be such a good big brother! 

  • Meghan Trainor’s Son Riley Is ‘Very Soft and Sweet’

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    Trainor also gushed about Riley’s sweet nature in an interview with SheKnows. “When he’s with like younger kids, he’s very soft and sweet. And he hugs — like we barely hug — we just grab him and smother him,” Trrainor told us. “But I have videos of him being like ‘mmm’ and hugging [other babies]. He’s such a gentle, sweet boy, I don’t know how we got so lucky.”

    “I bought like baby dolls, and he’ll hold them,” she added. “Then he’ll be like, ‘All done!’ and he throws it. And we’re like, ‘Wait, wait, wait! Be gentle!’” she laughed. “And he knows ‘kiss.’ Like every night before bed, he’ll say, ‘Kiss?’, so I think he’ll try to kiss the new baby.”

    Hopefully the TikTok queen will get plenty of videos of that if it happens! 

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